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Outdaughtered News: Danielle Busby Asks Fan For Help After Hurricane Laura

outdaughtered cast danielle busby, hurricane laura news Outdaughtered cast member Adam Busby and his wife, Danielle Busby, hunkered down as Hurricane Laura swept through Louisiana and Texas. They weren’t alone, though. In addition to the Busby Quints and sister Blayke, some of their family from Lake Charles were with them. So, how are they coping with the aftermath? Is everyone okay? Keep reading to find out the answer.

Busbys’ Family in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lake Charles, Louisiana was predicted to get a direct hit from Hurricane Laura. They have family in that area and a few of them came to Houston to stay with the Busbys. On Instagram, Adam shared that they were making preparations after deciding they were going to hunker down and ride out the storm.

“Hunkered down, roast in the oven and watching the weather channel. Praying that the winds die down, because Laura is going to be pretty catastrophic.”

Outdaughtered News: Preparing for Hurricane Laura

The Outdaughtered patriarch revealed to his Instagram followers that they were boarding up the windows. They bought a generator, had lots of bottled water and stockpiled food. They were making all the preparations in case they lost power, communication or ended up in the hurricane’s path.

Now, Adam was out of town for a few days before Hurricane Laura hit. Danielle was stressed out, but kept busy by preparing for the worst. She managed to secure the patio furniture with some help from others.

Outdaughtered: Busby Family Praying the Winds Die Down

On August 27, Adam posted on social media that he was praying the winds would die down. He wrote,

outdaughtered news hurricane laura, danielle busby instagram

“Praying that the winds die down, because Laura is going to be pretty catastrophic. #GoAwayLaura #hurricanelaura #itsabuzzworld”

Danielle Busby Shares Update – Outdaughtered Family News

After Hurricane Laura passed, Danielle went to Instagram to reassure worried fans that they were all safe. She explained that Hurricane Laura only brought mild winds to where they were located in Texas. However, she also made it clear that the aftermath was devastating and catastrophic, especially in Lake Charles. She wrote,

“It is so devastating. All of our friends and every single family member we have in Lake Charles has been impacted in some way by Laura, with many & most losing everything! Every business and structure in Lake Charles has been damaged. The city is destroyed! AND there is NO POWER! NO WATER! and it is going to take weeks to get it working because the facilities have been completely demolished. YALL!!! Lake Charles NEEDS HELP! With so many details and info to share, I decided to put all the info on a blog post with details on how you can HELP. Checkout ItsABuzzWorld.com”

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