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Sister Wives News: Janelle Brown Shares Exciting News About Son Logan Brown

sister wives news 2020 janelle brown kids Sister Wives news reveals cast member Janelle Brown took to Instagram and shared exciting news about Kody Brown’s oldest son Logan.

Logan Brown has a special place in all Sister Wives’ fans’ hearts.  When the series premiered many years ago, Janelle worked full time, and Logan was her eldest and cared for all the kids.  Honestly, he was probably more responsible then (when he was in high-school) than some of us are now.

Sister Wives Cast: Logan Brown – The Brains Of The Operation

Over the years we watched Logan Brown basically raise half of Kody’s kids, and let’s be honest he also took care of the adults on Sister Wives.  At times, Janelle’s son Logan seemed like the only level-headed one of the bunch, and was constantly the voice of reason for the adults.

Sister Wives viewers watched Logan Brown graduate from high-school, and head off to college.  And, according to Janelle Brown’s Instagram post, he has excelled since heading off to school and going out in the world on his own.

sister wives news 2020 logan brown, janelle brown instagram

Kody Brown’s second wife shared a photo of Logan Brown holding a hilarious sign, “First Day of 21st Grade.”  Sister Wives’ cast member Janelle revealed, “Logan will graduate with his MBA from UNLV this December. He has worked so hard, working full time while pursuing his masters. We are so proud.”

Sister Wives Updates 2020: Janelle Brown Shares Exciting News

Working full time while graduating with a Masters is pretty impressive.  But let’s be honest, it’s small potatoes for a kid who used to get up at the crack of dawn and put half a dozen kids on the bus after making them breakfast, go to school, come home and play therapist for his five parents, and oh was a cowboy on the weekends.

Congratulations are certainly in order for Sister Wives cast member Logan Brown.  We know he’s going to go on to do amazing things (more amazing than he already is).

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