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Alaskan Bush People News: Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Are Done

alaskan bush people bear brown, raiven adams break up news Alaskan Bush People has had a lot of relationship drama on and off of the hit show. On August 23, Bear Brown and Raiven Adams called off their wedding on the show and it seems as if they have more drama than we even knew about!

In Alaskan Bush People season 12, Raiven and Bear had been planning their wedding and have been incredibly excited about spending their lives together. Oh how things have changed!

Alaskan Bush People Cast – Raiven Adams & Bear Brown

On the August 23 Alaskan Bush People episode, we saw one of the Discovery Channel producers asking where Bear was. This was in the middle of everyone getting ready to walk down the aisle. No one had seen him and everyone was very confused on what was happening.

When Alaskan Bush People’s Birdy Brown went to check on him, she asked the cameras to give him some space and that she would chat with him. When she left him, she told cameras that they were not ready to talk about it.

Birdy Brown then opened up in a confessional. “It doesn’t always go as planned, and, you know, I don’t mean to be pushy to anyone, but we just need a little time and a little bit of space.” She also told Alaskan Bush People cameras not to rush into things and she was genuinely nervous about what was going on with Bear.

Alaskan Bush People News: Why Doesn’t Bear Brown See Baby River?

Knowing that Alaskan Bush People was filmed at least a year ahead of time, we have to go back to when we saw the two of them on social media in October of 2019. They both took breaks from social media and Raiven Adams came back to say, “Me and Bear split. We just wanted to get on good terms without all the input. We are doing well and still excited to be parents! Some people aren’t meant to be together…and we want to do what’s healthiest for our baby.”

alaska bush people cast

We were all pulling for them, but in February of this year, Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven said that they were no longer friends and she actually brought up assault allegations. However, in March, she pulled the allegations. This is when River was born. The drama just kept going though.

Bear  Brown decided to get a paternity test in May and he finally met River in August. “With the virus that’s been going around, I haven’t felt like it would have been safe to visit River. But now they seem to have enough tests to see if you’re infected, so I won’t have to worry about infecting River or my parents when I return home.”

With all that being said, Raiven has told multiple sources that Bear has not reached out to see or meet River, “He has always been welcome to see him. But he doesn’t call or try to be involved…I”ve even offered to bring our son to him.”

If you want to keep up with Bear, you can find him on Instagram, where he posts pretty regularly.  Check back with TSV for more Alaskan Bush People news and updates.

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