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Little People, Big World News: Fans Accuse Tori Roloff Of ‘Replacing’ Amy With Caryn Chandler

little people big world cast tori roloff, zach roloff, roloff family news Little People, Big World fans are pretty vocal and passionate about their opinions on the Roloff Family. This is certainly the case when it comes to Tori Roloff, who has been accused of “replacing” Amy Roloff with Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler. Keep reading to find out what happened, what prompted the outrage and what LPBW fans are saying on social media.

Little People Big World News: Matt Roloff’s Divorce

When LPBW began all those years ago, Amy and Matt Roloff were married and we watched the kids grow up. However, the couple ended up going through a divorce and many viewers took sides, which happens anytime someone goes through a break-up.

At the same time, it was surprising news because Matt and Amy Roloff had been together nearly 30 years. Despite their decision to part ways, the reality TV parents promised that they would keep things civil between them.

Little People, Big World Cast: Moving On

Both Little People Big World cast members Matt Roloff and Amy have moved on with their lives. Matt is dating Caryn Chandler and Amy is getting married to her fiance, Chris Marek. All four seem to be at peace with their lives. However, a recent Instagram post seemed to set off fans and they were quite outspoken with their feelings. In fact, when Matt heard about his ex getting engaged, he wrote on social media,

“My buddy Ty and I got together for our regular Saturday morning breakfast today. He doesn’t do social media … so I filled him in on Amy’s exciting engagement news. Congratulations to Amy and Chris!!”

little people big world cast caryn chandler, matt roloff, jackson roloff

Plus, Amy and Chris said that Matt and Caryn are welcome to attend their upcoming wedding. Even though it seems like it’s not something they would do, it was a nice gesture. It was also showing Little People Big World fans that there are not hard feelings and they are all at peace with each other moving on.

Roloff Family News: Tori Roloff Outrages LPBW Fans

Matt posted a Boomerang of Tori Roloff, Caryn Chandler and their friend on Instagram. Fans of Little People, Big World sounded off in the comments. Per In Touch, some of the reactions include,

“My heart goes to Amy. I guess we all can be replaced.”

“Tori favors Caryn. When she talks to Amy, you can see the dislike.”

“Caryn takes over, and Tori dumps Amy.”

Also, Caryn and Matt are constantly posting photos on social media of the grandkids at the farm with them.  They even kept Jackson and Lilah Ray recently while Tori and Zach went out of town.  We’re not keeping count or anything, but it seems like there are a lot more photos being posted of Caryn and the kids than Amy and the kids.

roloff family news, caryn chandler and jackson, matt roloff instagram

What do you think of this whole situation? Do you believe that Tori Roloff is “replacing” Amy Rolof with Caryn Chandler? Or do angry fans have it all wrong?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with LPBW right now. Come back here often for Little People, Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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