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Love After Lockup News: Shavel Has Quaylon Playing ‘Daddy’ To Daughter And Fans Aren’t Having It

love after lockup cast quaylon and shavel daughterLove After Lockup season 3 features Shavel, who is in love with a felon who has spent his entire adult life in prison. Loved ones have concerns about Shavel being with Quaylon and now fans are being open about their concern for the young woman’s 5-year-old daughter. Not only has the prisoner already met the little girl, but is being called her “role model.”

Love After Lockup Summer 2020: Quaylon’s Two Stories

When we first met Shavel, she had a plan that Quaylon was going to get out of prison and start his new life with her. However, the felony told his mother a completely different story. Quaylon was expected to move to Houston with his mom. It created some conflict between the two women and Quaylon had to have a difficult decision. Despite his mother’s wishes, Quaylon agreed to stay in Kansas with Shavel.

Love After Lockup News:Becoming an Instant Family

Shavel took a big step and introduced Quaylon to her 5-year-old daughter. Many fans felt that this was moving way too fast, especially since there is a young child in the picture. Plus, Shavel calls Quaylon a “role model” for her daughter.

Love After Lockup Fans React

However, Shavel really doesn’t know Quaylon that well and needs to be careful. Not just for her own safety and well-being, but that of her young child. Many fans feel the same way. Some of the comments on Twitter include,

“Ladies like for real no joke too many children are dying because y’all are meeting people online on social media and bringing them around your kids get to know a person a year or more before you bring them around your kids or move them in. #LoveAfterLockUp.”

“Why does she think it is a good idea to have her child calling him ‘daddy’? Shavel needs to pump the brakes and stop giggling!”

love after lockup season 3 quaylon and shavel summer 2020 cast

“Shavel sure is taking risks. Not only is this man fresh outta prison; he was there 12 years and went in as a teenager. She wants him as a role model for her 5 year old daughter. It’s terrifying. If this turns out well – a miracle is an understatement.”

Parental Interrogation On Love After Lockup

Shavel’s mother is wary of the relationship and how fast Shavel is moving with Quaylon. Understandably, she decided to ask her future son-in-law some tough questions. She wanted to know his plans for Shavel and her 5-year-old daughter. While Shavel is moving full-speed ahead, Quaylon doesn’t seem to know what he wants and claims to want to “ease into it” and be “strategic” about everything he does.

Is Shavel moving too fast and putting her daughter at risk? Let us know what you think about this Love After Lockup situation.

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