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Sister Wives News: Is Janelle Brown’s Daughter Maddie Getting A Sister Wife?

sister wives news maddie brown caleb brush, axel and evieSister Wives spoilers reveal that some fans are not sure whether or not star Maddie Brown is a polygamist. Maddie’s parents are polygamists and are featured on the TLC show Sister Wives. Madison aka Maddie Brown Brush is the daughter of Kody and Janelle Brown but she has not followed in her parent’s footsteps when it comes to being involved with multiple wives.

Sister Wives Cast: Maddie Brown & Caleb Brush

For those not familiar with Maddie Brown, she is the couple’s second child. Overall, counting all of her dad’s offspring from multiple marriages, she has seven brothers and 10 sisters.

But while Maddie and her husband Caleb Brush do not practice polygamy, she does not judge her parent’s or their lifestyle which is connected to their religion through their church, the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Even though her parents are Mormon, Maddie is not able to join the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I got a phone call and they aren’t letting me get baptized — it’s too contradictory and they hope I reconsider (joining the Mormon church) when we’re not such a public family,” Maddie said in 2015. “Because I won’t publicly disown my family or publicly disassociate with them, it’s too controversial for the Mormon Church so they asked me not to get baptized. They said they hope ‘I’m not bitter’.”

Sister Wives News: Will Maddie & Caleb Take A Second Wife

Maddie is married to Caleb Brush and the couple announced their engagement in September, 2015. Since that time Brush has often been seen on the show and the pair married in June 2016. In fact, their wedding was featured in an episode of Sister Wives titled Maddie Gets Married. How many people can say their wedding was televised to a national audience?

sister wives spoilers maddie brown baby 2020

Together Maddie and Caleb have two children. Their 2-year-old son is named Axel, and was born a healthy baby in 2017. In August of 2019 they welcomed a baby girl, Evangalynn Kodi.

Axel’s birth, like his parent’s wedding, was a somewhat public event, and so were the complications Maddie faced prior to giving birth to Evangalynn. Doctors diagnosed Evangalynn with oligodactyly, a condition for people who have fewer than 10 fingers.

Sister Wives’ Maddie and Caleb have not publicly discussed if they plan on taking a second wife in the future.  But, stranger things have certainly happened in the Brown Family.  As of right now the rumors about them practicing polygamy seem to be nothing more than that, rumors.

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