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Big Brother Season 22 Spoilers: Will There Be A Summer 2020 Battle Back?

big brother 22 spoilers keesha smith, battle back summer 2020 Big Brother season 22 spoilers reveal that All-Stars cast member Janelle Pierzina has been talking about a possible Battle Back on the BB22 live feeds. This has some wondering about Keesha Smith, who has already been evicted. Alum Evel Dick Donato provides an update on Keesha, which could slash viewers’ hopes for a Battle Back. Keep reading to find out more information.

Big Brother Spoilers: Battle Back Competitions

BB22 fans who are new viewers might not know the definition of a Battle Back competition. It’s a challenge that allows a cast member who has been evicted a chance to get back into the house.

In the past, there have been four evicted houseguests who competed with each other and the winner got to come back into the game. There are other variations of the Battle Back, but that gives an idea of what it is all about.

BB22 Spoilers & Updates: Keesha Smith Back At Home

Fans on social media have been wondering if Keesha could be getting ready for a Battle Back. However, Evel Dick Donato shared on Twitter that Keesha has been really active on social media lately. This seems to confirm that she is back at home and won’t be participating in a Battle Back competition for a chance to get back into the house.

“I’m so confused since I thought there would be a battle back for sure, but if they’re allowing her to talk and get all this info about what’s going on in the house then I don’t see how she’s returning.”  Donato replied, “She’s home.”

big brother allstars summer 2020

BB22 Spoilers: No Second Chance For Evicted Houseguests?

Janelle has been talking a lot about Battle Back competitions on the Big Brother season 22 live feeds. This has fans convinced that Keesha — and other house evictees could get a second chance. However, just because Keesha is at home doesn’t mean there will be no Battle Back. Just that she is likely not getting another chance. Plus, there is always the potential of a Jury Battle Back competition, which allows members of the jury to get back in.

Big Brother Season 22 Spoilers: COVID-19 and Safety Protocol

In the past, Keesha being at home would not necessarily mean she wasn’t coming back or getting another opportunity to do so. However, COVID-19 has forced productions, including BB22 to put strict safety protocols in place. So, if Keesha is back at home, then bringing her back would put the cast and crew at risk.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with BB22 right now. Come back here often for Big Brother spoilers, news, and updates.

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