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Sweet Home Sextuplets News: Courtney Waldrop Shares Hilarious Truth About Her Perfect Sextuplets Pictures

sweet home sextuplets babies Sweet Home Sextuplets spoilers reveal the Waldrop Family and their sweet sextuplets will be returning to TLC in September 2020 with new episodes.  In the mean time, mom Courtney Waldrop has been keeping fans updated with the sextuplets on Instagram, with her always perfect family photos.

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans know that Courtney Waldrop takes her babies’ photos VERY seriously.  In fact, it seems like they are doing a new photo sheet every other week with their adorable matching outfits.  Courtney’s photoshoots always seem to come out perfect, in fact it’s an ongoing joke on the TLC series when it’s time for new photos and Courtney pulls out all the stops.

sweet home sextuplets babies news, courtney waldrop instagram

Sweet Home Sextuplets News: Waldrop Babies Update

On episodes of TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuplets you can often see some of the Waldrop babies’ photos hanging on the walls in the background, and they always come out amazing.  It really is amazing that Courtney Waldrop gets all six of her babies to pose so well, most of us can’t even get one baby to hold still that long.

Courtney Waldrop took to Instagram this week to share new photos of the babies.  And, then she shared some hilarious behind the scenes snapshots of the photo shoot and revealed that she has just as many problems as most parents getting the sextuplets to hold still and all look at the camera at once.  Wow, they are human after all!

sweet home sextuplets waldrop babies

Sweet Home Sextuplets News: Courtney Waldrop Shares Hilarious Truth

The Sweet Home Sextuplets mom joked, “I’m asked all the time “how do you get them to look at the camera and take pictures” well as you can see most of the time they do their own thing and sometimes I get lucky and have them all in one place and all looking and sometimes NOT.”

Are you as excited as we are for new Sweet Home Sextuplets episodes next month?  Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Sweet Home Sextuplets right now. Come back here often for Sweet Home Sextuplets spoilers, news, and updates.


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