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Welcome To Plathville Season 2 – When Will New Episodes Air On TLC?

welcome to plathville season 2Welcome To Plathville premiered on TLC in November 2019 and stirred up quite a bit of controversy.  It seemed half of the viewers were tuning in because they enjoyed Kim & Barry Plath’s wholesome family of 11, their strict Christian values, and how they raised their kids on a Georgia farm cut off from society.

The other half of the Welcome To Plathville viewers tuned in because they were intrigued, yet disturbed by the Plath’s.  Regardless of whether fans of the show were rooting for the Plath Family or against them, quite a few people tuned in and secured the network some pretty decent ratings for an opening season.

Welcome To Plathville Cancelled Or New Episodes Coming?

Will there be a Welcome To Plathville Season 2?  After the Plath Family made their TLC debut, there was quite a bit of drama on social media.  In fact, Olivia Plath [Ethan’s wife] implied that Kim and Barry begged them to film the show and actually bribed them with time with the younger children if they signed on.

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Olivia Plath hinted she had no desire to do another season with the Plath Family.  And, also hinted that without her and Ethan, TLC wouldn’t do another season either.

Meanwhile, 17 year old Moriah Plath made a run for it in the season finale and booked a one way ticket out of Plathville.  Since then the young teen has been posting photos of herself in various states and talking about how much she misses her brothers and sisters, so it sounds like she is not on the Plath Farm and has no intention of returning.  So, it’s unclear how she would participate in a Welcome To Plathville Season 2.

Welcome To Plathville Season 2 – When Will New Episodes Air

Multiple websites reported a few months ago that sources were saying the Plath Family was filming season 2, however no one from the Plath Family ever confirmed it.  And, TLC has not released any information, promos, or premiere date for a season 2.  Of course, COVID-19 surely put a wrench in filming plans and could be delaying things a bit.

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If Welcome To Plathville Season 2 was being filmed in July, and there was truth to the rumors, then the Plath Family is on track for a late fall premiere, most likely November or December.

As soon as more details are available on Welcome To Plathville Season 2, we will be sure to pass them on.  In the mean time, check out our reality TV spoilers and news right here.

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