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My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: What’s Next For Whitney Thore Now That Chase Is Gone?

my big fat fabulous life cast whitney thoreLast season My Big Fat Fabulous Life was all about Whitney Thore and fiance’ Chase Severino. Now that Chase and Whitney have broken up, what is next for the plus-size fitness buff?

My Big Fat Fabulous Spoilers: Whitney Thore Had It All

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney thought she had struck gold with Chase. Chase was everything a woman could ask for until Whitney started talking babies. Chase was stunned when Whitney suggested kids and didn’t speak to her for a day.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life cast member Chase Severino wasn’t sure that he wanted children at all which makes the reason for their break-up even more shocking. Whitney moved away from her hometown of Greensboro, NC to Charlotte, NC because of her business with Ryan Andreas. Ryan introduced her to Chase and they had a whirlwind romance. However, apparently COVID-19 drastically changed that.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Updates: Chase Cheated On Whitney

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney revealed that after several ups and downs and separation due to living apart, she and Chase are no longer engaged. Chase and Whitney never moved in together and with the separation partially due to COVID-19 restrictions as well, Chase reconnected with an old partner.

my big fat fabulous life whitney thore, chase severino updates

Chase Severino revealed on his Instagram that he and Whitney were no longer together and advised fans to refer to her post for details. Whitney, of course, confirmed that she and Chase had split up and that he was expecting a child in October with the other woman.

Obviously, Whitney Thore took the news hard but asked for privacy during this time. Whitney stated she doesn’t want to hear the negativity about either of them or anyone else involved. Chase asked for privacy for himself and the mother of his child who wants to remain anonymous.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life News 2020: Buddy Has Been Whitney’s Support System

Are Whitney and Buddy Bell from My Big Fat Fabulous Life falling back into old patterns as well? During the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that Buddy has been going to the grocery store for Whitney Thore as well as keeping her company. Whitney states that is has been good for her to not be alone during this difficult time when she can’t be with other friends and family.

It seems that Buddy and Whitney always return to each other when they have issues in a relationship. Buddy and Whitney have been both friends and lovers. Whitney actually pushed Buddy away at times because of Chase. However, Buddy is there to pick up the pieces as always. Perhaps this should tell Whitney something.

Now that Chase is out of the picture again and Buddy is no longer with anyone, its time for Whitney and Buddy to have an adult relationship. After all, Buddy is the only one who is always there when Whitney needs someone just like she is there for him.

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