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Sister Wives News: Christine & Kody’s Daughter Truely Brown Rocks Neon Blue Hair For First Day Of School

kody brown and christine brown, sister wives cast news 2020Sister Wives cast members Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s daughter has a brand new look for her first day of school! Truely Brown posted a picture showing off her brand new neon-blue hair just in time for the first day of fifth grader. Keep reading to get all the details.

Sister Wives 2020 News: Kody Brown’s Daughter Growing Up

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown and Christine’s daughter turned 10 years old in April. Truely Brown is getting ready to start fifth grade and it’s unbelievable how quickly she has grown up! Even though she is preparing to start a new year of school, she won’t be attending in-person classes. The Sister Wives kids are attending classes virtually for the time being, like many students across the country.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown’s Daughter Truely Starts 5th Grade

Fans have watched all of Kody, Meri, Christine, Janelle and eventually Robyn Brown’s kids grow up on television screens. It’s amazing how quickly children grow up and Truely Brown is no exception. She’s in fifth grade now, which means it won’t be long until she is all grown up! Now, every child is unique and has their own personality. As fans have noticed, Truely is very mature for her age.

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TLC Sister Wives News: Truely Brown Has Neon Blue Hair

On Instagram, Christine shared a photo of her daughter posing for the camera. Truely had neon-blue hair along the sides framing her face. In the picture, you could see that the back of Truely’s hair looks like it is still her natural blonde color. The Sister Wives star wrote,

“Truely starts 5th Grade today! She’s excited to start and is looking forward to seeing everyone at least virtually. She wisely said when you’re at school you wish you were homeschooled and when you’re homeschooled you wish you were at school. But you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!! She’s ready!”

Sister Wives Fans Comment and React

In the comments section, fans had many different types of comments. Some wrote that they have been watching Sister Wives since the beginning and have watched Truely grown up. Others complimented Christine’s daughter on her hair and stylish clothes.

sister wives spoilers 2020 truely brown, christine brown daughter

There were others who wondered if Sister Wives’ Truely would get in trouble for the blue hair. Some school districts do not allow dyed hair. While some areas give some flexibility with virtual learning, others are making the rules even tougher. It all depends on your state, city and how the school district is run.

However, we are sure that Christine made sure that the blue hair would be acceptable before letting her daughter make such a drastic change for school.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Christine Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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