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Sister Wives News: Meri Brown’s LulaRoe Drama – Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You

tlc sister wives spoilers meri brown news 2020Sister Wives news says fans are absolutely disgusted with Meri Brown right now. She has once again cruelly victimized one of her LuLaRoe customers during a Facebook Live sales event. What makes it worse is that the TLC reality star has no remorse and is unapologetic for her snotty behavior. Keep reading to find out how viewers feel after witnessing the incident.

Sister Wives News: Meri Brown Accused Of Bullying LulaRoe Customers

No matter what you are selling, the customers are the ones who can make or break you. Now, having worked in retail and customer service for over a decade, I can tell you that customers are sometimes wrong (the customer is always right motto has turned the average customer into entitled monsters). However, everyone should be treated with respect, especially people who want to give you money!

There are ways to professionally diffuse a situation before it escalates out of control. Sister Wives cast member Meri  Brown understands this, but doesn’t seem to care. She publicly bullies and abuses her customers.

Sister Wives Updates: Has Meri Brown Been Publicly Humiliating Customers Who Ask Questions

Part of running a business is dealing with customer questions. People should feel comfortable asking questions or getting clarification. However, the Sister Wives star has made it clear on multiple occasions that questions from customers is simply unacceptable. How dare they!

One potential buyer asked Sister Wives’ Meri a question about how her Live sales were run. The reality star snottily replied that they should have read the rules and that before joining the group, they promised to do their part. Then, the TLC star told the customer to start doing what they’re supposed to do and respect everyone’s time… including Meri’s.

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It would have taken a lot less time to just answer the darn question. At the very least, she could have just told them to look in the rules section and moved on.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Has Abused Customers Before?

Some people say that the only reason why Meri’s LuLaRoe business is successful is because she’s a reality star. If it weren’t for her being on TV, then there would be no sales. Meri Brown didn’t just have a bad day. Her abusing LuLaRoe customers has happened repeatedly without any apology. At some point, she will bully the wrong person or her customers will simply walk away.

Meri’s behavior makes the entire LuLaRoe brand look bad. If one potential buyer has a poor experience, they will not return. Most won’t be willing to give another independent consultant a chance either, which affects the entire brand. This is an issue that LuLaRoe should take up with Meri Brown since she is in the public eye and these incidents are happening during Live sales events.

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Meri Brown’s LulaRoe Bullying Explained, But Not Excused

It should also be noted that Meri abusing and bullying customers could be a trauma response. Kody Brown seemed to be abusive and a bully, with first wife Meri being targeted most of the time. Abuse victims will often turn into abusers themselves as a way to cope with the pain and have a sense of “control” in their powerless lives.

The motto “hurt people hurt people” is absolutely true — but it still doesn’t excuse Meri’s disgusting treatment of her customers.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Meri Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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