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Outdaughtered News: Uncle Dale Mills Bond With Hazel Busby- Real or Faked For The Cameras?

outdaughtered news uncle dale mills, hazel grace busbyOutdaughtered fans have dubbed Uncle Dale Mills and Hazel Grace Busby as “Dazel.” The two seem to have a special bond and are quite close. However, some TLC Outdaughtered viewers are questioning whether it is authentic or if their relationship is faked for the cameras. Keep reading to find out what is really going on.

TLC Reality Shows Under Fire – Is Outdaughtered Fake?

Even though the genre is called “reality TV,” there are those who say it’s all staged or at the very least, partially scripted. Some of TLC’s other shows have been accused of it, but Outdaughtered is not one of them. However, that doesn’t stop some viewers from wondering if everything is as it appears with the Busby family.

TLC Outdaughtered News: Over-Editing and Negative Portrayals

Now, editing is necessary for clarity, length and to keep out the filler. With that being said, there is a fine line between routine editing and manipulating viewers to see storylines or people in a specific way. As for Outdaughtered, there doesn’t seem to be any of these complaints, but fans are still wondering if Dale and Hazel’s relationship is really as it seems on-screen.

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Outdaughtered: ‘Dazel’ Relationship Seems Genuine

Dale and Hazel have a very close relationship, The Things reported. Even when Hazel was a toddler, she could cry if Dale set her down. Every child has a favorite relative and it’s not always mom or dad. Sometimes it’s grandparents, cousins, aunts or uncles. There are even those kids that bond with someone who’s not technically a relative, but the child considered them “family.”

A lot of times, those special relationships last a lifetime. Even though faked connections are always possible, it’s harder to do with a young child. Kids are pretty blunt, direct and honest. They also don’t hide their true feelings very well. So, looking at Hazel Busby’s face and eyes light up around Uncle Dale Mills is all the proof we need that their relationship is genuine.

In fact, Outdaughtered is one of TLC’s few reality shows that hasn’t had cast members slamming the network for over-editing, staging scenes or being scripted. The Busby parents have their hands full raising several young children. This kind of chaotic and busy household probably provides more than enough drama for TLC!

What do you think of Uncle Dale Mills’ relationship with Hazel Grace Busby? Do you believe their interactions are genuine, or do you believe that it is staged?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the Busby family right now. Come back here often for Outdaughtered spoilers, news, and updates.

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