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Big Brother Season 22 News: Josh Martinez Talks All-Stars Cast Rumors – Why Was He Really Cut

big brother 22 cast josh martinez covid rumorsBig Brother season 22 came up with a way to film the show without putting anyone at risk of COVID-19. There was talk that Josh Martinez was part of the All-Stars 2 cast. However, he was cut at the last minute and rumors swirled that he tested positive for the virus. The BB alum briefly discussed being cut from the BB22 cast and the rumors that followed.

BB22 Cast: Josh Martinez Cut Last-Minute

There were a lot of predictions about which Big Brother alums would be appearing in the new season of the CBS reality competition series. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans were wondering if there would even be a show this year. However, CBS and show producers came up with a plan for production to start while keeping everyone safe at the same time. One of the former players that was expected to be in All-Stars 2 was Josh Martinez. The reality personality confirmed that he was going to be on the show up until the very last minute.

Big Brother Season 22: COVID-19 Rumors

Of course, once fans learned that Josh had been cut from the new season, everyone wanted to know why. Then, the rumors started circulating, claiming that Josh tested positive for COVID-19. From there, allegations and assumptions started filling up the feeds on various social media networks. Some were claiming that Josh wasn’t taking the global health crisis seriously.

Speaking to Us Weekly, the reality TV alum said that he tested negative several times and had approximately four or five negative results. He shared that it was embarrassing to be accused of not taking the global health crisis seriously. With that being said, he declined to talk about his health and would not confirm if he was cut from BB22 due to a positive test result. He explained that a person’s health and medical history is a private matter.

big brother spoilers josh martinez bb19

“You know, there’s been a lot of rumors about COVID and all this stuff. To be honest with you, I don’t feel like I need to address or say anything about that. That’s kind of a private matter. But it is unfortunate how it happened. I was a lock, I was supposed to be in and it sucks. It’s been really hard to be completely real with you.”

Pandemic Partying and Missing Masks

In June 2020, Josh and Kaycee Clark got some serious heat after they were seen partying in Miami during the pandemic. Both were not wearing masks and some wonder if that is the reason Josh was cut from Big Brother 22.

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