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My Big Fat Fabulous Life News: Whitney Thore Fights Back Against Bully

my big fat fabulous life whitney thoreMy Big Fat Fabulous Life cast member Whitney Thore has no problem biting back at bullies. Recently, the TLC reality TV star was answering questions from fans on social media. Of course, there just had to be one person who felt it was necessary to make an insulting comment. However, Whitney Thore knows how to shut them down immediately and she did it with just four words.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life 2020: Whitney Thore’s Weight Struggle

Human beings are all unique, which means we not only look different, but have our own strengths, challenges and experiences. The world is filled with men and women who are all shapes and sizes. Some are extremely thin, others have an athletic build, there are the stocky ones, females with the curvy hourglass shape, and then others have some extra cushioning around their bones.

When it comes to TLC’s Whitney Thore, she has struggled with her weight for a long time. These days, she is focusing on being healthy rather than worrying about the scale. In fact, she once battled an eating disorder and doesn’t want to go down that road again.

Whitney Thore’s No BS Active: No Body Shaming Allowed

Some people who body shame do it to be cruel or try and make themselves feel better about their own insecurities. Others think they are “helping,” when it actually has the opposite effect. Body shaming is pretty pointless when you think about it.

tlc big fat fabulous life whitney thore news updates 2020

People called out on this behavior often claim they have health concerns or are just trying to help. However, would you be inspired by some random person calling you names or spewing insults? Of course not.

In fact, the star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life has an active brand called “No BS Active,” which stands for “no body shaming allowed.”

My Big Fat Fabulous Life News: Cyber-Troll Gets Shut Down

While answering fan questions, one so-called “fan” asked Whitney why she doesn’t lose weight because she would be “so pretty.” Now, if the person was a real fan of Whitney’s, then they would already know her story and the answer to this question. Second of all, it sounded like the person was saying Whitney wasn’t pretty because of her weight.

whitney thore news, my big fat fabulous life cast

Of course, Whitney Thore wasted no time striking back and shut down the shameless troll in just four words. The MBFFL star returned fire by saying, “B**ch, I am pretty!”

Way to go, Whitney! We are glad that the TLC reality star wasted no time setting the record straight.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Whitney Thore right now. Come back here often for My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers, news, and 2020 updates.

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