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OutDaughtered News: Do Danielle And Adam Busby Have Favorite Quints?

outdaughtered family danielle busby, adam busbyOutDaughtered spoilers reveal that every family has a favorite child and even if it goes unspoken, ask any kid and they’ll tell you who mom and dad’s favorite is.

On OutDaughtered, little quint Parker Kate is actually called Adam’s, “daddy’s girl.” Now viewers would like to know who is, “mommy’s little girl.”

Fans saw mom Danielle extremely happy when Parker said that she likes her, and is her, “best friend.” In turn Danielle said, “For a split second my PK told me she was 👉🏻MY 👈🏻 best friend …warmed my heart so much 💕…even if she followed it up with a “daddy too” …it still stole my heart!’”

OutDaughtered News: Do Adam And Danielle Busby Have Favorite Quints?

Not to be outdone, the OutDaughtered dad shared pictures of himself with Ava Lane, one of the twins. Both were cuddled on the sofa and making silly faces. The proud dad captioned post, “Cherish every second that this little mommy’s girl wants to climb in my lap and cuddle.” And that is what spurred the viewers to start speculating about mommy’s and daddy’s girls.

Fans already know that Ava is a mommy’s girl and Parker is a daddy’s girl and in the comments for the post, it was seen that most of the fans were in agreement that Riley doesn’t fall easily into one category or the other. In fact, the cheerful and independent girl seems to share her affection just as much with Adam as with Danielle.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby’s Mini Me

Now that we’ve dissected these daughters’ parent patterns, what about the other OutDaughtered kids? The beautiful and large Busby clan includes the quints, Parker, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, and Riley.

tlc outdaughtered quints birthday, busby family news

They have an older sister named Blayke Busby, who looks exactly like their lovely mom Danielle. Some fans think that Blayke is definitely a mommy’s girls, and her being a mini-me in the resemblance department might account for that in some way?

Is Hazel Busby A Mommy’s Girl Or Daddy’s Girl

So that leaves Hazel and Olivia. Viewers seem to agree that Danielle is the winner with both Ava and Blayke being mommy’s girls and that Riley adores both of them and that Adam has Parker’s vote. Apparently the fans are in agreement that Olivia and Hazel are daddy’s girls!

At least at this point, who knows about tomorrow? Kids are fickle and these girls definitely love both parents equally even if they show a preference at one point in time.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with OutDaughtered right now. Come back here often for OutDaughtered spoilers, news, and updates.

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