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Love After Lockup News: Jessica Can’t Hang – Maurice Is The Real MVP

love after lockup jessica gipson in compton Love After Lockup’s new cast members Jessica and Maurice are stirring up quite a bit of controversy on social media.  Love After Lockup Episode 5 featured Jessica Gipson and her husband Maurice stuck in Compton due to parole issues.

Las Vegas native Jessica married Maurice while he was in prison, apparently it never dawned on the couple to begin getting his parole transferred to Nevada before he was released.  The giddy couple went straight to his parole office after he was released, and left scratching their heads when they learned that the transfer was not going to be done any time soon.

Love After Lockup: Jessica Can’t Hang In Compton

Now, the Love After Lockup couple is trapped in Maurice’s old hood, couch surfing at his relatives’ houses, waiting on a parole transfer that could take months.  Jessica is so awkward in Compton, it’s uncomfortable to watch.

And, she spent the entire Love After Lockup episode whining that she couldn’t live in Compton.  Mrs. Gipson was one bad edit away from saying something racist she couldn’t take back.  How are you going to talk about your husbands’ hometown, where he grew up, with such disgust on national TV?  Sure, Compton isn’t exactly the cushy suburbs where Jessica hails from, but it’s also where Maurice’s friends and family still live.

love after lockup new cast maurice and jessica summer 2020

Jessica loves bragging that Maurice was a Compton Crip.  But, she nearly peed her pants when someone drove past them throwing up gang signs and shouting that this was their hood.  Maurice took Jessica to his baby-mama’s house to see his daughter and she sat in the corner pouting because no one was introducing themselves to her.  It’s safe to say she’s not acclimating well.

Love After Lockup News: Maurice’s Meal Ticket Is Becoming High Maintenance

Love After Lockup’s Maurice has all but said in his testimonials that Jessica is his ticket out of the hood and to a better life.  At this point, you kind of have to root for the guy.  Putting up with Jessica’s whining for a better life seems like an even trade.

Do you think Jessica and Maurice will last?  Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Love After Lockup right now. Come back here often for Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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