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Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Hasn’t Seen Kody Brown In Months?

sister wives cast spoilers meri brown 2020Sister Wives spoilers show Kody Brown and his daughter Mykelti answered fan questions during Twitch Live and in so doing opened a can of worms. Mykelti shared that her dad has been trying his best to see his four wives during the isolation and lockdown brought on by COVID-19.

“He still does go visit all the different houses,” she explained. “What’s hard is if one of the parents of the house decides to go travel. They don’t get to see him for two weeks because they quarantine without him.”

Sister Wives fans were quick to point out how exactly this affects Meri Brown, who has been traveling. She has posted social media messages from a hotel, and apparently travels to Utah to check on her bed and breakfast there.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Not Seeing Meri Due To COVID

Mykelti’s words would indicate that Kody Brown and Meri have had very little contact due to her isolating after each trip.

Her husband Tony emphasized that Kody should be careful about house hopping saying, “Because Kody goes around, he’s the mixing bowl. He can be the spoon that mixes everything up together if he’s not careful.” Try not to die laughing just yet, Tony has more tasty examples of Kody’s super spreaderness status.

“If someone gets infected and he jumps around, he can mix the whole bowl together and everyone in the family can get sick in one shot.” Yum!

Sister Wives Spoilers 2020: Is Kody Brown Going To Spread Coronavirus?

According to Tony all is not well among the Sister Wives. “That’s what makes things so difficult for them. If someone goes out and gets compromised they have to quarantine. So tough.”

sister wives spoilers kody brown

“If he picks a house to FaceTime the rest, then everyone is like, ‘Why did you FaceTime from that house? ‘Why didn’t you come to my house and FaceTime from my house?'”

Sister Wives fans have speculated that Kody and Meri’s marriage is over and when she reunited with a bunch of family members days back, sans Kody, the rumor mill reignited.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Are Meri & Kody Over For Good?

Add to this the fact that Sister Wives’ mixing bowl Kody Brown hasn’t said anything nice about his first wife in quite a long time. Is there indeed trouble in the kitchen? For her part, Meri’s only comments on her hubby have been veiled in negativity.

In the last season of Sister Wives, Kody Brown said he regretted marrying Meri, claiming she tricked him into thinking she was someone else. Like who? Someone he could dish things up with in the kitchen, a domestic goddess who could stir up his mixing bowl?

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