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Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Spoilers: Toni Dumps Cheating Kurupt For Good?

marriage boot camp toni and kurupt cheatingMarriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition fans have not stopped talking about rapper Kurupt and his girlfriend Toni since they first appeared. Their dynamic has set tongues wagging, and the verdict is that not all is good in their relationship.

Since the beginning of this season of Marriage Boot Camp, viewers have commented that Toni is always frowning, which has fans wondering if she is even happy in her relationship. Now, fans are going so far as to speculate that Kurupt could be why Toni looks so unhappy all the time.

Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop News: Toni Miserable With Kurupt

After the latest Marriage Boot Camp episode, Kurupt’s drinking came into the discussion. He promised to cut back and drink only beer, but he’s already broken that vow. Fans saw him binge drink and taunt Toni. She said he should cut down but he replied she is overreacting.

Later, Kurupt told the ladies on the show that he misses his mother since her passing and Toni is the only one other than his mom who made him happy. Toni got mad that he excuses his alcoholism on his mom’s death. When he was sleeping she took his phone and checked his call logs.

Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition Spoilers: Toni Busts Cheating Kurupt

She found he called the “homeless girl” he was cheating on her with and fans felt sorry for her, taking to social media to vent their feelings.

hip hop boot camp cast toni and kurupt

Basically they admonished Marriage Boot Camp cast member Kurupt for his sneaky ways and commiserated with Toni, wondering how she can put up with his bad boy behavior.  One fan even theorized that Kurupt took away Toni’s smile.

Are Toni and Kurupt Over For Good?

Another Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop edition fan posted that she understands that Toni loves her man but she should recognize the effect he is having on her life. The sentiment basically was that Toni needs to wake up and smell the coffee where Kurupt is concerned, that he is not doing anything to make her life positive or happy.

Others went so far as to say that she should just end things if she isn’t happy. Is this a sign that Kurupt and Toni’s relationship could end in heartache? In fact, many fans think that heartache is all that is going on between them.

Let’s hope that these two can work things out on Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition before it’s too late. Obviously there was once an attraction between them, and if there is something worth recovering it would be a shame for them to lose it without having a chance to save what might be salvaged.

Do you think there’s still hope for Kurupt and Toni?  Share your thoughts in the comments below, don’t forget to come back to TSV for more Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition spoilers and news.

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