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Love After Lockup News: Scam Alert – Jessica Gipson Says An Impostor Is Stealing From Her Followers

love after lockup cast jessica gipsonLove After Lockup cast member Jessica Gipson just picked her husband up from prison and she and Maurice are currently stuck in Compton trying to get his parole relocated on Season 3 of the reality TV show.  That’s not the only drama in the prison wife’s life though – apparently she’s caught up in a scam on Instagram.

Yesterday we reported that Jessica Gipson was using her new followers from her Love After Lockup screen time to solicit money on Instagram.  The Love After Lockup cast member’s Instagram page posted a screen shot of her cash app, insisting that fans of the show had asked her for it.

Love After Lockup News: Jessica Gipson Hacked?

After TV Soap’s article went live Jessica Gipson’s Cash App post disappeared from her Instagram account.  The Love After Lockup cast member put up a new post claiming that somebody she knew had hacked her account and created a Cash App with her name and was asking her followers for money.  Jessica insists that she had nothing to do with the Cash App account and says she “would never” ask people to send her money.

It’s not unusual for Love After Lockup cast members to try to make money off from postings ads on Instagram, selling Scentsy products, weight loss products, video messages, even greeting cards.  But, even Love After Lockup cast members, despite their lack of social graces, know that it’s not classy to straight up post their Cash App and imply fans should send them money.

love after lockup cast jessica gipson instagram

Love After Lockup News: Cash App Scam

So, did someone really hack Maurice’s wife’s Instagram and create a fake Cash App account with her name on it?  Or is she backtracking because she got called out for it?  Most likely Jessica Gipson (or her impostor) didn’t receive a whole lot of money from the post.

First of all, Jessica only has a couple of followers.  Secondly, why would anyone want to send her money, just because she was on a few episodes of Love After Lockup?

Do you think someone really hacked Jessica’s account? Let us know in the comments below!  Come back here often for Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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