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Big Brother Season 22 Spoilers: BB22 Rigged? Fans Claim Competition Tilted to Favor Men

big brother 22 allstars head of household, cody caliaforeBig Brother season 22 is underway and the show has gone through some major changes. Not only because of the pandemic, but to address racism and sexual harassment issues. The cast went through bias and sexual harassment training before the show premiered. However, now viewers believe that BB22 is rigged when a competition seemed tilted to favor men.

BB22 Spoilers: Head of Household Competition

BB22 just made its big premiere and fans were looking forward to the All-Stars 2 competition series. However, the show is already facing more backlash after the Head of Household (HoH) competition seemed to favor the male houseguests, Good Housekeeping reported.

It all began when the cast members had to answer a question and find the answer by searching the house. Once they found their answers (which were designated rooms in the house), they had to put balls into holes associated with those rooms on the game board.

Why BB22 Fans Think All-Stars Summer 2020 Is Rigged

The reason why some fans think this competition was rigged is because of where certain rooms were located. The female players had rooms that were the furthest distance for the ball to reach the board. So, it made it much harder to win the competition. Eventually, Cody Calafiore was declared the winner and most of the men got to go onto the next round.

big brother 22 spoilers, bb22 allstars summer 2020

CBS Big Brother Under Fire Before

This is not the first time Big Brother has been accused of unfair treatment. Accusations of racism, sexism and sexual harassment have plagued the show for years. The network tried to handle this by having every cast member go through racial bias and sexual harassment training.

Also, during one of the most controversial seasons, CBS began airing disclaimers. The allegations are not just about how players respond to one another, but how the show portrays certain individuals and how the game is slanted to benefit “straight, white males,” as one former player claimed.

Is Big Brother 22 Rigged?

While some fans feel that the Head of Household competition was rigged, we will have to keep watching to see what happens the rest of the season. Perhaps the show will listen to outraged Twitter users and think a little more carefully next time.

What do you think of fans who think the Head of Household competition was rigged so a male houseguest would win? Do you think it was intentional or did they just not think it through?

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