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Unpolished Season 2 News: Did Lexi Martone Just Shade Sister Bria?

unpolished cast lexi martone, bria martoneTLC Unpolished fans have been patiently waiting for season 2 of the reality TV show to hit the airwaves.  The Martone Family made their reality TV debut in December 2019 with six episodes following their wild family’s drama and all of the happenings at their NY salon, appropriately called ‘Salon Martone.’

Unpolished spoilers confirm that the Martone Family was filming again in June 2020, so there are new episodes on their way to TLC.  However, no one has revealed an actual Season 2 premiere date yet.

TLC Unpolished Cast: Bria & Lexi Martone

One of the things that fans love about Unpolished was the Martone Family’s tight knit bonds, and Bria Martone and Lexi’s relationship.  But, there was some serious tension between the sisters over Bria’s boyfriend Matt.

With the Martone sisters’ ups and downs, it’s hard to keep track of whether they are getting along this week, which is why fans are wondering if Lexi just sent some subtle shade Bria’s way.

Unpolished’s Lexi Martone took to Instagram and posted a gorgeous selfie showing off her trademark blue streaks in her hair.  The caption got her fans’ tongues wagging though. “If you don’t have that blue check…you gotta bounce,” followed by an emoji for the verified blue check celebs get on social media to let their fans know it’s a real account, and not an impostor.

unpolished lexi martone instagram

Unpolished Season 2 News: Did Lexi Just Shade Bria Martone?

Of course, the verified blue check is considered a big accomplishment in the celebrity world.  Lexi Martone’s Instagram is verified.  But, here’s the kicker, her sister Bria’s Instagram is NOT.  Awkward.  We find it really hard to believe that Lexi didn’t know her sister hadn’t received the big blue check yet.

If the Martone sisters are at war over their blue checks, we can probably see it unfold on Season 2 of Unpolished.  Do you think Lexi was referring to her sister?  Let us know in the comments below and check back here for more Unpolished news and Martone Family updates.

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