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Love After Lockup Spoilers: Episode 4 Sneak Peek – Chanda’s Release – Shawn’s Lies Pile Up – Maurice Trapped In Compton

love after lockup cast jessica and maurice comptonLove After Lockup spoilers for Season 3 Episode 4 tease another Friday night full of drama for our inmates and their partners.  Shawn Osborne has some explaining to do, Quaylon has to make a BIG choice, Lindsay is missing, Jess and Maurice are trapped in Compton, and Tyrice heads to the prison for Chanda’s release.

Love After Lockup’s new cast is already a hot mess and we are only a couple episodes in to Season 3.  Shawn worried that Destinie was catfishing him, but Episode 3 revealed that Shawn was the one that was lying about his identity.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Shawn’s Lies Pile Up

Not only did he tell he shave 10 years off his age, he forgot to tell her he has 6 kids.  An all new Love After Lockup sneak peek shows more drama ahead for Destinie and Shawn, it’s not looking great for this couple.

Meanwhile, Scott and Lindsay’s mom launch a whole investigation to find their missing inmate.  Scott seems to think that Lindsay is still in prison and for some reason her release was delayed.  But, her mom’s a realist, and she has a hunch that Lindsay was released and made a run for it.

Love After Lockup News: Jessica & Maurice Stuck In Compton

Love After Lockup Episode 3 will feature Jessica and Maurice, who are still stuck in Compton.  Jessica is not a happy camper in the hood, and Maurice wants to just violate his parole and head back to Las Vegas.

love after lockup cast quaylon

In the latest Love After Lockup episode, Quaylon was released from prison, where his mom and Shavel were tripping over each other at the release.  Quaylon’s mom puts more pressure on him to come back home with her to Texas, and Shavel is not feeling it, she thought Quaylon was moving in with her after his release.  Yikes.

In other news, Tyrice will head to the prison in Love After Lockup Episode 4 to pick up his MUCH younger girlfriend Chanda.  Tyrice’s family, and son who is the same age as Chanda, are convinced she’s a con artist and milking Tyrice for all he’s got.  Only time will tell!

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