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Big Brother Season 22 Spoilers: BB22 Week 1 Safety Suite Winner Revealed – Live Feeds Updates

big brother safety suite spoilers, bb22 live feedsBig Brother Season 22 is officially underway, and the BB22 All-Stars didn’t waste anytime getting straight to game talk on Day #1.  During the Big Brother summer 2020 2 hour premiere, we met the 16 All-Stars, and they competed in their first Head of Household competition, Cody Calafiore was crowned the first HOH of the season.

According to BB22 live feed spoilers, the houseguests began rising and shining around 9:00 AM, and were ready to start talking game.  Late in the afternoon, the camera feeds when down, and the All-Stars competed in their first Safety Suite competition.

Big Brother 22 Spoilers: What Is Safety Suite?

What exactly is Safety Suite?  Julie Chen teased the Big Brother 22 twist during the premiere, but didn’t share too many details.  We have picked up on some info about the new competition from the conversations between the players on live feeds.  Here’s what we do know.

Safety Suite sounds like a really complicated version of Power Of Veto, only it happens before the Head of Household’s nominations.  It sounds like every single one of the houseguests have a VIP Access Card, and they get to decide each week whether they want to use it.  From what we gather from the BB22 feeds, once the All-Stars use their VIP Card, they can’t use it again.

big brother 22 spoilers cody calafiore, bb22 live feeds hoh

Big Brother Season 22 spoilers say that Julie Chen will clear up all of the confusion about the new Safety Suite competition on Sunday’s episode.  In the mean time, we may not entirely understand Safety Suite, but we do have the winners names!

Big Brother Live Feeds Spoilers – Week 1 Safety Suite Results

After the live feeds came back up it was revealed that this week only two players participated in the Safety Suite Comp, Janelle and Kaysar.  According to BB22 spoilers, Kaysar won the competition, and he gave his plus one safety to Janelle.  So, Cody can’t nominate either one of them for eviction this week.

It looks like Janelle and Kaysar are most definitely working together this season, and we are all for this alliance.  Who do you think Cody will nominate for eviction and put on the chopping block?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with BB right now. Come back here often for Big Brother spoilers, news, and All-Stars updates.

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