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Love After Lockup News: Megan Nash Trolling Sarah Simmons

love after lockup cast news megan nash, sarah simmonsLove After Lockup cast members Megan Nash and Sarah Simmons never really buried the hatchet after their beef over Michael.  Sarah got distracted feuding with Michael’s other queens, and Megan was busy crying on Michael’s friends’ shoulders.

Of course, the fact that Sarah confronted Megan on Life After Lockup and informed her Michael had a pregnant wife, and Megan still kept seeing him was probably the icing on the cake.

It’s safe to say Megan and Sarah will never be friends on Love After Lockup, but is Megan still feeling a certain type of way about Michael’s wife?  Eagle-eyed fans seem to think so after Megan’s latest move on Instagram.

love after lockup megan instagram

Love After Lockup News: Is Megan Trolling Sarah?

Love After Lockup cast member Sarah Simmons isn’t super active on social media these days, unless she’s pushing ads for weight loss gimmicks.  But, late Sunday night Sarah decided to hold a Q&A session on Instagram and dished on her relationship status, Michael’s child support, and being a single mom.  Nothing scandalous about that.  Then, 6 hours later Megan Nash suddenly decided she needed to have a Q&A session too.

love after lockup news megan nash, sarah simmons instagram

You have to admit it’s pretty odd timing.  Has Megan been stalking Michael’s wife on IG and seen Sarah Simmons’ post and decide to do her own, or was it all just a huge coincidence?  Love After Lockup fans were quick to point out in the comments that both women did the same thing in a matter of hours.

One fan asked Megan if Sarah wasn’t pregnant would they have fought.  The Love After Lockup star stated she had no intention of fighting a pregnant woman, but she would fight her now.  Sounds like someone is still a little bitter about Sarah being married to her boyfriend, the nerve!

Love After Lockup News: Megan Roasts Michael Simmons

While Megan and Sarah Simmons both held Q&A sessions, the women’s responses were much different.  Sarah tried to be diplomatic and didn’t throw Michael under the bus.  Megan on the other hand roasted him.

Do you think Megan was trolling Sarah or was it all a big coincidence?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.  Come back to TSV often for Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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