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Love After Lockup News: There’s Something Fishy About Scott, Besides His Lip

love after lockup scott lipLove After Lockup Season 3 has brought us a treasure trove of messy new cast members, including Scott and Lindsey Downs.  WeTV probably should have listed Scott’s lip as a cast member as well, since it seems to be the summer 2020 breakout star on Love After Lockup.

In the season premiere of Love After Lockup we weren’t sure what to think of Scott.  The NY native moved to Mississippi and bought a house for his much younger inmate girlfriend to live with him when she is released, he even has been spending time with Lindsey’s daughter and mother while he sent her thousands of dollars to pay for her phone calls and snacks while she was behind bars.

Love After Lockup New Cast: Scott & Lindsey Downs

In Love After Lockup episode 2 Scott shared a heartfelt story about his teen son passing away in a car accident back in New York, which tugged at some fan’s heartstrings.  Meanwhile, other fans were fixated on his lip.  Is it plastic surgery, a disease, allergies?  Only time will tell…

As Love After Lockup goes deeper in to Scott and Lindsey’s story, it’s becoming more apparent there’s something fishy going on, and we don’t mean with Scott’s lip.  This week Scott prepared for Lindsey’s big release, she’ll be flying in to the airport in Mississippi from a prison out of state.  And, we aren’t even convinced that she is going to show up.

Scott dropped a bomb on Love After Lockup fans and revealed that he has never actually saw Lindsey in person.  But, that didn’t stop him from buying her thousands of dollars worth of steak, clothes, and an I-Phone for when she arrives.  Plus, he bragged that he was going to buy her a car too.  Scott even casually mentioned that he’s a millionaire to the camera crew.  And, then the kicker, his credit card was declined.

love after lockup cast lindsey downs summer 2020

Love After Lockup Updates: Lizzie Kommes & Scott 2.0

Scott is beginning to look an awful lot like Love After Lockup legend Lizzie Kommes’ sugar daddy Scott Davey.  Fans will never forget that Scott spent over a hundred thousand dollars on Lizzie, bought her a car, and then had a mental breakdown because he was broke and not half as rich as he pretended to be.

We have a feeling Scott will lose his marbles halfway through the season because he can’t keep up with Lindsey’s financial demands.  The self-proclaimed millionaire and entrepreneur has no mention of a business on his social media accounts, and we can’t seem to find any companies in his name.  It’s only a matter of time before his house of cards begins to unravel.  And, we will have the popcorn ready!

Love After Lockup News: What’s Scott Hiding From Lindsey, Other Than His Lip?

What do you think Love After Lockup fans, is Scott faking his millionaire status?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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