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Love After Lockup News: What Happened To Lacey Whitlow’s Boyfriend John?

love after lockup john slater castLove After Lockup spoilers reveal that Lacey Whitlow and Shane Whitlow are shockingly still married.  Word on the internet is there may even be a Baby Whitlow on the way, Lacey has been stirring up quite a few pregnancy rumors over the last few months.  But, what happened to Lacey Whitlow’s other man, John Slater (AKA ‘Chon’)?

The last time fans spotted Lacey’s longtime boyfriend and former fiance John Slater was on the Life After Lockup spinoff.  Shane Whitlow confessed he got blackout drunk before their wedding because he was upset about Lacey cheating with John, and he cheated on her.  After Shane confessed, there was only one logical thing Lacey could do, cheat with John Slater again to even the score.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: The Endless John, Lacey, and Shane Saga

Love After Lockup fans watched in horror as John Slater barged in their marital bedroom and announced that “Big Daddy” was home and helped Lacey kick Shane out.  Plot twist, after cameras stopped rolling John went back home to his halfway house so he didn’t break curfew, and Shane didn’t actually leave the Whitlow home because he was paroled there.

Despite that blip on Lacey and Shane’s happily ever after, the couple are still going strong.  John Slater has been in and out of jail, halfway houses, and rehab, but recently he seems to be keeping himself together.  Or he’s doing a really great job of pretending he is on Instagram.

Love After Lockup News: Where Is John Slater Now?

Love After Lockup’s John was released from jail (again) for a probation violation a few months ago.  Since his release he has been working in the HVAC business again, and recently posted a selfie of himself on the job.  He also has been hanging out poolside, and sharing a few thirst traps for the insane women who appear to actually be his fans and beg “Big Daddy” to message them and call them in his comments section.

love after lockup news, john slater instagram

If John Slater does have a serious girlfriend, she seems to be non-existent on his social media accounts.  Regardless, the Love After Lockup star appears to be in a good place right now.  Hopefully Shane can keep his wife happy so she won’t sabotage John’s 800th attempt at sobriety.

Are you shocked Lacey and Shane are still together?  Do you think she still talks to “Chon?”  Let us know in the comments below.

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