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Love After Lockup News: Destinie Is Real, Shawn Is The One Catfishing Her?

love after lockup season 3 shawn osborne summer 2020 castLove After Lockup spoilers for summer 2020 have been teasing since the premiere that Shawn Osborne’s online girlfriend, who happens to be in prison, is a catfish.  Destinie Folsom has definitely been acting catfishy since the season 3 premiere, but Love After Lockup spoilers prove she’s real.  How real has Shawn been though?

Love After Lockup fans have been scratching their heads trying to figure out why Shawn Osborne would send a woman in prison he has never met thousands of dollars, and post a $50,000 bail for her, when he has never met her.  Add insult to injury, it turns out Shawn has 6 kids he hasn’t been helping out financially because he’s been spending all his money on Destinie.

Love After Lockup Cast News: Shawn Worries Destinie Is Fake

Despite all of the alarming warning signs, and Love After Lockup red herrings, Season 3 spoilers confirm that Destinie Folsom is indeed a real woman in prison, and has been talking to Shawn.  In fact, those two photos Shawn has been showing off on his cracked phone screen are her, heavy on the filters of course.

So, Destinie isn’t a catfish, but has Shawn been catfishing her?  Catfishing is usually associated with using fake pictures to reel someone in.  But, there’s more than one catfish.  What about the catfish that create a whole fake persona, and sell their victims a dream that isn’t true built on lies?

Love After Lockup fans will never forget Lizzie Kommes and her boyfriend Scott.  She thought she was coming home to a millionaire who was going to spoiler her rotten like a princess.  Instead, she got Scott, who it turns out was broke and also a drug addict.

destinie folsom, love after lockup cast season 3 news

Love After Lockup Summer 2020 Spoilers: Has Shawn Been Lying To Destinie?

Everyone has been focused on whether Destinie Folsom is real, but has Shawn been real with her?  Has he created a total facade and have her convinced she is coming home to a life of luxury?  Did he tell her that while he was waiting for her to get released he was dealing with lawsuits, bankruptcies, and evictions?  Does Destinie know that she’s coming home to a man with six kids that were on the verge of being homeless?

Do you think Shawn has been upfront with Destinie about his life on the outside and financial situation?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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