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Big Brother Season 22 Spoilers: All-Stars Cast Drama Erupts Before BB22 Premiere

big brother nicole franzel, bb22 cast spoilersBig Brother All-Stars spoilers reveal that BB22 airs Episode 1 Wednesday, August 5 but the controversy is already in full force. Season 18 winner Nicole Franzel has been accused of being a “spy” for CBS in order to secure a spot in the house.

Then the Big Brother 22 drama got really cray when allegations flew that her activity resulted in winners Derrick Levasseur and Dan Gheesling being uninvited.

Big Brother Spoilers: BB22 All-Stars Controversy

Nicole Franzel’s name was hitting the fan for weeks when Dick Donato stated she was mad at not being invited to Big Brother All-Stars. Since that time, according to an alleged insider on Twitter, Nicole agreed to spy for the production team, and reportedly joined “pre-game” chats where those already invited discussed strategy.

As the story goes, Nicole told CBS that Derrick and Dan were talking strategy and alliances before the BB22 season,  which resulted in her being granted one of the spots they subsequently lost.

At first fans took the conjecture as typical rumor mill gossip, but a bit suspicious because it came from an account not typically known within the show’s spoiler group. But the speculation gained traction when Derrick Levasseur quote-tweeted it.

Big Brother alum Derrick Levasseur discredited the talk about a “group chat” which went over pre-game. In response fans turned on Nicole taking Derrick’s statement as the smoking gun that Nicole Franzel made the whole thing up to secure a spot, something that cost someone else.

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Big Brother All-Stars Spoilers: Team Nicole or Team Derrick?

Now Derrick has clarified the state of affairs in a follow-up tweet, which basically said he’s mad at Nicole Franzel but she is not the reason he isn’t on Big Brother All-Stars.

At this point it seems no one is giving any real evidence as to what the firestorm is really about or why Nicole and Derrick could be squabbling. If the big to-do is connected to Big Brother All-Stars in some way the truth may eventually emerge, as secrets in regard to the show rarely stay that way.

Is it fair to say for now that Nicole appears to be not guilty of some of the salacious speculation going around? Until we get a BB22 cast reveal however, expect more, and maybe more stunning, Big Brother rumors to fly around as the countdown to the show continues.

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