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Prince Harry Is A Liability For UK According To New Poll

prince harry meghan markle baby archi royal family newsDon’t look now, but Prince Andrew isn’t the only royal who has fallen from grace in the court of public opinion. A new poll shows that Harry is now seen as a liability to the monarchy. Gone are the days when brash and endearing Harry was seen as a loveable goof. Today the country decidedly sees him in a different light as poll results show.

A YouGov poll in June 2012 found that just 9% called Harry a liability but today that number has grown to a whopping double digit number with nearly 40% calling the runaway rogue a drawback.

Why does 38% of poll respondents think Harry is a liability to the monarchy?

Perhaps even more alarming is the percentage of individuals who now think he is an asset, 35%, a depressingly steep decrease from the 2012 poll in which three quarters of respondents called him an asset.

Why the change in public perception over Harry? Megxit would seem to be a huge reason for the disregard with which the populace now considers him.

At least Harry didn’t come in dead last in the popularity sweepstakes. Not surprisingly, that dishonor belongs to Prince Andrew. A significant majority (80%) called the disgraced figure a liability and only 4% admitted to thinking he still has anything beneficial to offer.

Who is the most popular royal family member?

The Queen’s popularity rating offset her Andrew’s abysmal popularity score, with 81% considering her to be an asset. Next in line in approval ratings were Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Charles.

Harry’s wife Meghan did not fare much better than him in the eyes of the public. She was voted as a liability by the majority of respondents and just 24% consider her an asset.

Perhaps part of her unappealing nature is the fact that the purported animal lover abandoned one of her “beloved” dogs in Canada when she moved to L.A.? That’s right, she up and dumped the dog, while she, Harry and Archie left for better accommodations. Who does that?

Well, Meghan does. Her excuse? The dog doesn’t like Harry. This excuse will come as more evidence to some that she conveniently shifts the blame onto others when things do not go her way.

Much was made of the fact that Meghan was simply heartbroken to leave dogs Bogart and Guy behind when she went to the UK. Now that she can finally be with the dogs, apparently only one made the cut.

Remember to pick up your socks and put the toilet seat down Harry, or you may soon find yourself in the doghouse. Or worse.

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