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Love After Lockup News: Scott, Lindsey, And His Lip – What’s The Deal?

love after lockup scott daveys lipLove After Lockup spoilers reveal that Scott Davey and Lindsey Downs’ love affair could actually be one that is more about convenience than true love. I know, shocking!

Like so many other similar tales about other couples on the runaway hit series, is Scott simply in the relationship with Lindsey Downs for the reality TV payday and D-List fame? Or do you think that he really does want to grow old with her?

Love After Lockup’s Lindsey Downs has out right admitted she had sugar daddies, and loved living the fast life and raking in cash from selling drugs.  But, the new season 3 cast member insists she has real feelings for Scott.  Only time will tell…

Love After Lockup Spoilers – Are Lindsey and Scott on different pages?

Is this a sign that the Love After Lockup couple are wanting different things out of life?  No doubt we will see more of what could become a major conflict as these two continue down the road they’re on.  But for now Lindsey does seem to be content that Scott is taking care of her daughter while she is in prison.

In addition to the Love After Lockup couple’s interactions, some fans have been paying attention to Scott’s physical attributes. We mean his face!

love after lockup scott's lip

Love After Lockup News Summer 2020 – Should Lindsey and Scott have a serious talk about the future?

In particular, Love After Lockup viewers have noticed that Scott’s upper lip appears to be swollen and red on the edges. What gives? Talking about his condition, some fans are guessing he had plastic surgery. Based on his appearance, it’s indeed possible that Scott had some sort of corrective procedure done.

But others are speculating that he has a cleft lip. Still others are thinking that injections are behind the puffy look.

There are even some viewers who think the look is due to a more ominous reason. Could Scott be battling a life-threatening health condition?

Love After Lockup Season 3 News – Will Scott Davey explain why his appearance is concerning to some fans?

As to what the health condition could be, fans have speculated everything from cancer to STD’s.  We hope that’s not the case and that whatever the reason for his appearance it is minor and nothing to be concerned about.

In fact, Scott may be having an allergic reaction to food or medicine for all we know, since there has been no official word on what might be behind Scott’s much-discussed issue.

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