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Cheapo Meghan Markle: Her Mom’s The Babysitter, Cook, and Likely More!

royal family news, meghan markle momThere they all sit in Los Angeles, in movie producer Tyler Perry’s palatial estate, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, their toddler Prince Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor … and grandma. (Of course, there’s also Prince Harry and Meghan’s two dogs, a beagle and a black Labrador, but they don’t come into this story much.)

Insiders suggest that everyone from Meghan Markle to the security agents outside were incredibly enthused when Doria Ragland (Meghan’s mom) moved in. It’s led many to wonder though, what were the terms under which Doria moved in? Since she’s become a resident, everyone’s noticed that Doria’s done a lot with Prince Archie. She reads to Prince Archie, and reportedly, all are happy to see Doria head into the kitchen in the early morning, ready to start the day by mixing up organic treats for little Archie.

But, one has to wonder if all this is strictly out of love (no one is really questioning if Doria loves Archie) or if this is like … Doria paying rent to Meghan and Harry. Of course, if Meghan is requiring her mother’s help in raising her son in exchange for giving her mom a place to live, then many are going to be asking whether Meghan’s ponying up some cash to Tyler Perry for the length of her family’s stay in his 8-bedroom, 12-bathroom mansion. (Because, you know … maybe Mr. Perry could have been opening up his place as a bed and breakfast with all those rooms, or hey … even hit up AirBnB for celebs that don’t want to stay over at the Ritz.)

That seems really cold hearted if Meghan Markle views her mom’s interactions with Prince Archie as merely “payment due.”

Now, the situation may be nothing like that in real life and Doria Ragland may truly be enjoying her time with Meghan’s family. Moreover, it may be that Meghan Markle simply trusts her mother to take care of Archie more than anyone else. After all, Doria is likely to care for Archie to the very best of her abilities.

Yet another question some have had is whether Doria moving in might have something to do with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s reported financial woes. Could the fact that Doria is now watching Prince Archie have to do with the fact that childcare is expensive … especially for a baby prince … and Meghan doesn’t want to have to pay for additional security or nannies?

Regardless of motivations, some who have been watching Meghan Markle’s family this whole time have to wonder … if Doria is acting as the babysitter, is Meghan making her give little Archie baths? That could be a bit dangerous considering the fact that toddlers like Prince Archie can be pretty wild at bath time. In fact, with Archie all wet and covered in suds, it might be hard for Doria to handle his slippery little self. It may all depend on Doria’s overall strength.

The bottom line is that those who view Meghan Markle in a negative light, those who see her as someone with an exaggerated sense of self-importance, someone who requires constant, excessive admiration, and who continually fantasizes about and strives for self-aggrandizement … also feel sorry for Doria Ragland. They hope that Doria isn’t being taken advantage of by her extremely wealthy and privileged daughter.

Then again, there are others who argue that if Meghan Markle is the narcissist many believe her to be, it could be due to how Doria Ragland raised her. In that case, if Doria is being used … perhaps it’s just karma talking.

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