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Prince Harry Struggling In Los Angeles, Sources Say

royal family news, prince harry los angelesPrince Harry has it rough in Los Angeles according to some. In fact, there are Royal insiders who suggest that since moving to L.A. Prince Harry’s been “lost” and “like a fish out of water.” Apparently, Prince Harry’s out of his element. It’s obvious that Harry has little to do. According to reports, he’s refused to apply for a Green Card, and so there are no prospects for Harry to find work in America. Of course, with a net worth that’s supposedly in the neighborhood of £30 Million, neither he nor Meghan should really have to work much at all.

Oh well, perhaps Prince Harry’s finding it difficult being bored all the time. After all, with no need to work and with no real ambitions, what’s a man to do? (Some might recall that Prince Harry has historically said that if Prince William didn’t want the crown that he would take it … but there is little chance of that occurring.)

Well, according to multiple “insiders,” Meghan has convinced Harry that their life in America is to be long-term. Therefore Harry had to have ensured that his Visa was also long-term. One would think that maybe he would apply for U.S. citizenship or a permanent resident status, but “The Times has reported that Prince Harry doesn’t have immediate plans to seek permanent residency in the U.S. As a royal source explained to the publication, ‘The duke has not made an application for dual citizenship and I don’t think he will apply for a green card at any point.’”

Perhaps that means if Prince Harry is actually hedging his bets. If things don’t work out so well in America and with Meghan, maybe Buckingham Palace will be good enough to take their wayward boy back. Of course, there’s the fear of what would happen vis-à-vis little Prince Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor in such a scenario. Would Archie stay with mum in L.A. or would Harry find a way to seize custody and bring the child back to the U.K.?

Regardless, for now Harry is where he is. In order to mitigate some of his culture shock and feelings of homesickness, it’s been reported that Harry is doing regular Zoom calls with Prince William these days. One wonders if Harry remembered to have all his mail forwarded to his new $18 Million address.

Maybe Harry really is finding things challenging if all he’s got for company is Meghan, her mother, and Archie. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being with one’s family, but perhaps Harry doesn’t really have any friends of his own in America. That could put a dampener on many a person’s spirits, certainly. Then too, maybe Harry’s a bit afraid that his celebrity royal status might intimidate anyone he’d like to be friends with and so he doesn’t even bother.

Regardless, it’s a bit hard to feel sorry for a man who has been described by British TV presenter, journalist and broadcaster Carol Malone as, “one of the most privileged men in the globe.”

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