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Love After Lockup Cast News: It’s Not Destinie, It’s A Scam – Shawn Learns Alarming Info

love after lockup new season shawn summer 2020Love After Lockup season 3 premieres tonight with Destinie Folsom and Shawn Osborne and fans are curious to find out more about the  summer 2020 cast members. When it comes to Shawn, he thinks he has a date with Destinie, but she could just be a scam. He reacts to learning a ton of alarming information.

Love After Lockup Season 3 Cast – The Problem With Shawn Osborne

The longest relationship Shawn has been in is with the mother of his kids. They have been on and off for 22 years and have six children together. However, when people are “on and off” in a romance, is it just a matter of time before he reunites with his former flame?

It’s Not Destinie, It’s a Scam – Love After Lockup Summer 2020

A video posted on WEtv’s website shows Shawn talking about his 9-month relationship. He has spent thousands on her and others are pretty sure he’s being catfished. The most concerning part of a phone conversation is how demanding Destinie Folsom seemed, rather than appreciative. Shawn doesn’t have to pay any money to get her out of jail — that at least deserves a little less attitude. She says during the phone conversation,

“They won’t tell me my f**king release date but go to the bail bondsman and figure it out.”

love after lockup new season destinie summer 2020

Love After Lockup Season 3: Learning the Truth About Destinie Folsom

The bail bondsman warned Shawn that Destinie Folsom is a flight risk. She told him that she was in jail for drugs and escaping. However, there is a lot more he was not aware of. Her extensive rap sheet includes check forgery, ID theft, failure to appear, and more. Shawn finds out that Destinie has been in and out of jail since she was 14 years old. He says in the video, “There is a lot that I didn’t know about Destinie.”

Love After Lockup Season 3: Money Not Only Concern With Destinie Folsom

After learning alarming information, Shawn’s face and eyes speak volumes. He is learning shocking information from the bail bondsman. Friends and coworkers are warning him. But he wants to desperately believe that their love is real. So, he pays up knowing full well that he is now liable for the entire $50,000. But money isn’t the primary concern.

He has six children and he’s moving Destinie Folsom into his home. That would be an issue for any mother with children. The couple’s summary on Futon Critic suggests that this will be their biggest hurdle,

“After striking up an immediate connection online, Shawn and Destinie Folsom now talk twice a day – but there’s one big catch: the couple has never met in person. How will the mother of Shawn’s six children react when he reveals the new love of his life, an ex-con, is moving in?”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with WEtv right now. Come back here often for Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and Destinie Folsom updates.

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