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Sister Wives Updates 2020: Meri Brown Implies ‘Blowing’ Marriage, Regrets Leaving Husband Kody Brown?

sister wives updates 2020 meri brownTLC Sister Wives cast’s Meri Brown has been living her best life since leaving Kody Brown. However, there are times when she regrets losing her relationship. After all, the two were together for many years and share a daughter. She recently shared a quote that implied she “blew” her marriage. Could she be having serious regrets, which is why she worked on the 4th of July?

TLC Sister Wives 2020 Updates – Meri Brown Leaving Kody Brown

Although Kody and Meri have never outright confirmed they are no longer together, there are many signs. One of the most obvious was ignoring their wedding anniversary. Plus, Meri acknowledged her own dad on Father’s Day, but not the father of her daughter. Then, there is also the fact that she ditched her wedding ring long ago.

Meri Brown Finding Independence, Peace, and Joy – TLC Sister Wives Spoilers

The Sister Wives star looks genuinely happy since leaving Kody. It’s not just her smiling in photos, but she has that sparkle in her eye. She also seems to have a glow to her face that she didn’t have before, and gives off a peaceful vibe. She is learning to love herself, stand up for herself, and is recognizing her value as a human being.

Sister Wives Star ‘Blew’ Marriage?

According to The Sun, Meri was clearly working on Independence Day. She wished everyone a happy 4th of July. She added that there would be free shipping on all orders placed that day, and there were some new leggings available. Then, Meri posted this quote on social media,

sister mives kody brown wife meri brown 2020 updates

“Every day I try to do better. See better. Say better. Talk better. Be better. I do my best. And I blow it 10 times out of 12. I ask forgiveness of anyone whose feelings I may have hurt. I ask forgiveness of God. I forgive myself. And then I start again.”

There are some who believe Meri was implying she “blew” her marriage. While that is possible, it could have been a quote about anything. Or perhaps she just liked the quote and shared it for others.

Sister Wives News – Meri Brown Might Be Confused

Let’s say that Meri really was talking about blowing her marriage to Kody. It seems from where I’m sitting that Kody was the one who did that. Sure, there was that whole catfishing scandal. But if Kody had treasured and loved Meri as he should have for all those years, then she would never have been tempted.

tlc sister wives cast

It seems there marriage was over long ago and juggling anything (men/women, jobs, hobbies, anything) will never be “fair.” Something will always get the priority, while another will be sacrificed. The same can be said for Kody’s plural marriage. One woman is a handful, just imagine how tough it must be to handle four of them!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Meri Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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