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Sister Wives Spoilers & 2020 Updates: Is Meri Brown “Always Alone” – Where Is Kody?

meri brown news 2020, sister wives spoilersSister Wives 2020 spoilers reveal that TLC fans want to know if Meri Brown is “always alone.” Viewers closely follow the Sister Wives cast on Instagram. In most of Meri Brown’s posts, she spends a lot of time by herself. They noticed that she rarely spends time with husband Kody Brown or her fellow sister wives. Fans want to know what’s happening with Meri and Kody Brown, and if the two are still married.

Sister Wives 2020 Updates: Meri Brown On Instagram

Conversations about Meri’s marriage with Kody Brown are taking place online. Sister Wives fans want to know why she hasn’t left him for good. The two divorced in 2014 so Kody could marry his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, and adopt her kids from a previous relationship. Fans think the two don’t love each other anymore and that Meri should leave Kody and the rest of the family.

Questions about the current status of Meri’s relationship with Kody swirled when she shared a photo of herself hanging out with her pooch. On the Thursday, June 25 post, fans found out that the dog is named Mosby and belongs to her daughter Mariah. But others discussed her personal life.

meri brown instagram, sister wives

Sister Wives News: Are Meri & Kody Brown Still Together?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that fans want to know why Meri Brown was alone in that photo. Some even took it upon themselves to ask if she’s still with Kody. Meanwhile, another follower told Meri that she needs a man to give her cuddles. Most of the comments asked her why she never shares photos of herself with Kody and wondered if the two are still together.

Sister Wives Fans Defend Kody’s First Wife Meri Brown

However, not all of Meri Brown’s followers are nosy. They feel that she doesn’t need to offer anyone an explanation for what’s going on in her relationship with Kody. Some even defended Meri’s Instagram posts. They found it inappropriate that people want to know the details of her relationship.

sister wives cast news, meri brown and kody brown still together

In addition, Meri seems fed up with the constant questions about her life. When she left comments open on her dog post, she turned them off on her other Instagram posts. While most fans want to know why she isn’t spending more time with her family, others noticed that she’s better off on her own.

Check back for the latest news on the Sister Wives, including Kody Brown and Meri Brown.

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