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Meghan Markle’s Wild Claims: Did She Make The Royal Family $1 Billion?

royal family meghan markle lawsuitOh my, it looks like another day, another bump with the reality stick when it comes to Meghan Markle’s increasingly denounced public statements. Poor Meghan just can’t seem to get her facts straight, even when she’s doing so in a legal context. Word to the wise: that’s a dangerous road to go down. The public may be adoring and forgiving, but the legal system has no sense of humor and misstatements are liable to get one in deep doo.

The court has no sense of adoration for one-time celebs no matter who they’re married to

The fact is this: Meghan Markle clapped back to naysayers in legal documents by proclaiming that her wedding generated £1billion for the United Kingdom’s economy.

The fact is this: that wild allegation has been rejected by someone who should know, the CEO of Republic, an organization which advocates for Britain to be a republic.

Republic CEO Graham Smith told Express.co.uk that there simply is no evidence—zero, zip, nada, none—for Me-Gain’s assertion that she and Harry gifted the country an economic boost via her wedding.  In fact, Smith claims that the extravagant wedding was a, “net-loss” for the UK taxpayers.

Does Meghan really believe that she alone pumped up the UK economy with her wedding?

Smith went on to say, “There is no evidence at all that the monarchy ever bring money in from tourism. The idea that her wedding brought in £1billion is pure fiction.”

He seems pretty sure about that, saying, “There just isn’t any evidence to support that whatsoever.”

Sorry Mr. Smith—Meghan said so! Why hasn’t Meghan backed up her preposterous claim against such criticism? Meghan has yet to show a shred of evidence to back up her pronouncement, and no one who would know about these things has come out to say she is correct.

In the same documents, Meghan claims that the palace aides failed to protect her from all the green meanies saying bad things about her, aka the media.

In rebuttal the palace has reportedly said that aides couldn’t very well defend her when most of the negative press was true!

Mr. Smith isn’t buying what Harry and Meghan are trying to peddle to the UK citizens
According to Smith, the gala union of Meghan and Harry, “was a net loss for the British taxpayers and to try and justify spending public money on her wedding by making these rather weird claims is just another sign of their entitlement.”

Ok Meghan, ball’s in your court, any evidence you’d like to provide Mr. Smith and the taxpayers who bought your grotesquely expensive wedding for you?

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