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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Justin And Kayla’s Wedding Day Takes Wild Turn

days of our lives jack and jenn deveraux, matthew ashfordNBC Days of our Lives (DOOL) spoilers & updates divulge that when the big day comes for Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) and Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans), things go sideways. In fact, they do a U-turn to be exact!

That’s because Jayla do not commit themselves to each other, quite the opposite according to DOOL spoilers. What happens to dissolve the passion and love that Justin and Kayla once professed for one another?

Wally Kurth spoke to Soap Opera Digest recently and he spilled some of the delicious details and Days of Our Lives spoilers about the wedding day drama.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers (DOOL): Justin Kiriakis Gets Cold Feet

For starters, Justin is a bit leery about marrying Kayla according to Kurth it’s because he is not certain that she is over Patch Johnson (Stephen Nichols). Patch and Kayla were a legendary couple and love like that doesn’t just flame out overnight.

But then Justin has an eye-opening experience when he overhears a conversation in which he learns that Patch wants his Sweetness back.

days of our lives spoilers justin wedding, wally kurth

Days of our Lives Soap Spoilers: Justin’s Big Sacrifice

He confronts the persons talking and discover that what he heard is accurate which Kurth says, “thorws Justin out of sync with the day.” He described Justin’s feelings as being like a runaway train and what happens next dovetails with that emotion.

In a shocking move, DOOL spoilers say Justin stops the wedding and makes a jaw dropping announcement. He tells Kayla and the stunned guests that Patch still loves her.

How does Kayla respond? Pretty much like anyone in her position would, all decked out in a wedding gown and being told by her soon to be husband that her ex wants her back!

DOOL Spoilers – Stayla Gets A Second Chance?

Kayla is gobsmacked, and doesn’t know what to do, understandably so. In the end she and Justin call it a day and they go their separate ways.

And that’s when it gets really interesting fans! Without giving too much away, Justin goes to the cemetery and sees—could it be—his dead wife Adrienne?

For her part Kayla rushes off to the airport to intercept Patch before he boards a plane and is never seen again.

Will Stayla reunite? Do Justin and Adrienne get another chance at love? For these answers you will have to tune in next week to what is sure to be a round of super-charged, drama filled episodes!

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