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TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Spotted Without Her Wedding Ring

sister wives spoilers meri brownSister Wives spoilers reveal that Meri Brown’s wedding ring is missing. Over the years, fans have speculated over their marriages. They want to know everything about the Brown family, including how they pay for their multiple properties to who Kody Brown’s least favorite wife is.

Most of the speculation has shifted onto Kody Brown and Meri Brown. The couple has had an up-and-down relationship ever since Meri was caught up in a catfishing scandal. Fans noticed that she hasn’t worn her wedding ring for some time. Does that mean she’s no longer spiritually married to Kody?

TLC’s Sister Wives spoilers: Meri Brown Caught Without Her Wedding Ring

Kody Brown and his four wives – Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown – all wear Claddagh rings as a symbol of their plural marriage. While his three other wives have worn their rings, Meri has been without hers. Fans noticed that she hasn’t worn her wedding ring in her latest Instagram photos, as per Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

meri brown 2020 updates

On May 12, Meri shared a photo that showed her hands curled up in fists. The caption talked about facing one’s fears. Although she wore jewelry, she was spotted without her wedding ring. On June 15, Meri shared a photo of herself wearing a red, white, and blue shirt with the word “Unite” featured across the front.

Her wedding finger was without her ring again. Meri being without her ring has led fans to believe that she has left the Brown family.

Sister Wives 2020 Spoilers: Meri Brown No Longer Participates In Family Events

There could be many reasons why someone would remove their wedding ring. Not all of those reasons point to divorce. Meri could have decided to leave her ring at home. However, some Sister Wives fans noticed that she no longer associates with the Brown family outside of the series. While that rumor has swirled for years, speculation picked up in the past year.

Meri has been spending more time away from her family. She even traveled to Las Vegas during the coronavirus pandemic. During the quarantine, she bounced between Vegas, Flagstaff, and Parowan, Utah. Fans also noticed that Meri’s lost weight and changed her looks.

The TLC star has also been sharing inspirational quotes on her Instagram, which could hint towards trouble in her relationship with Kody. As per The U.S. Sun, removing one’s wedding ring in polygamy is kind of a big deal. The missing ring reportedly means that Meri could be done with her marriage. Meri may no longer be in love with Kody, but it’s unclear whether she’s done with the family as well.

Check back with more news about Meri Brown and Kody Brown and the rest of the sister wives.

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