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Sister Wives Spoilers 2020: Meri Brown Shows Off Weight Loss Shocker

sister wives meri brown updates 2020Sister Wives spoilers 2020 show Meri Brown is looking better than ever. Kody Brown’s first wife recently got a new hairstyle and has posted photos that show a peaceful, joyful glow to her face. Now she has a new update that is leaving her followers absolutely stunned. In a picture, she is wearing a short, flirty dress that shows off her amazing weight loss!

New Sister Wives Journey: Meri Brown’s Peace and Joy

Ever since Meri reportedly left her polygamist husband, Kody Brown, she has gone through a lot of changes. In her new life journey, we can see a sparkle in her eyes that wasn’t there before. In photos posted on her social media accounts, Meri truly looks peaceful and full of joy. The end of a long-term relationship is hard for anyone. But it seems to be working in Meri’s favor!

Meri Brown’s Recent Changes

As fans know, Meri recently showed off a brand new haircut and it looks great on her. She has also taken off her wedding ring. A source told The Sun that it is a huge statement. According to the insider, when a woman in a polygamist marriage takes off her wedding ring, it means she is totally done.

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Sister Wives Updates 2020: Flirty Dress Highlights Weight Loss

In a new Facebook post, Meri uploaded a photo of herself outside. She was in her bare feet and wearing a dark printed flowy dress that went to her knees. She was definitely showing some leg! And the dress was so fun and flirty. But that wasn’t the most telling visual from the picture. Fans noticed something else and raved about it in the comments section. It was clear that Meri has lost quite a bit of weight and looks fabulous!

Sister Wives Fans Are Stunned By TLC Star’s Makeover

Sister Wives fans are stunned by how good Meri looks since her exit from the Brown family. She is probably going through all kinds of emotions. After all, she was married to Kody for many years and the two had a child together. They brought in three other wives for Kody: Christine, Janelle, and Robyn. Between the four women, they have 18 children. They also went on the reality show adventure when they premiered on TLC.

The fact that Meri seems to be going through a makeover is a wonderful sign. She is finally able to do things for her. Doing things that make her happy. We are thrilled for Meri and she looks absolutely fantastic!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Meri Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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