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Queen Elizabeth “Completely Devoted” to Prince Harry, But Has Grandson Gone Too Far?

queen elizabeth husband, royal familyReports coming out of London suggest that Queen Elizabeth has been furious now for some time with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. While Queen Elizabeth has made it clear that her love for Prince Harry doesn’t stop at the borders of the U.K. the way he and Meghan Markle chose to separate themselves from the British Royal family apparently drove a stake straight into the queen’s heart.

For those who don’t know, Queen Elizabeth recently turned 94 and according to insiders, 2020 is the first year that she hasn’t been able to go about all her normal activities. There is concern that it’s only a matter of time before Queen Elizabeth will pass.

These same sources suggest that Queen Elizabeth is sorrowful that a real possibility exists that she will pass away in the confines of self-quarantine should the Coronavirus pandemic continue for long. Reportedly, Queen Elizabeth isn’t afraid of dying, but rather that her children and grandchildren, such as Prince Harry, won’t be near her when she goes.

Royal experts have noted that Queen Elizabeth has said of Prince Harry that she’s “completely devoted to him” and many suggest that the two were quite close, especially when Harry was a child. Yet as an adult, Prince Harry has disregarded practically any and all advice or counsel given by Queen Elizabeth, his father Prince Charles, his brother Prince William, and William’s wife, Kate Middleton.

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Because Harry scorned the warnings of his family, that he was moving perhaps a bit too fast in his courtship of American actress Meghan Markle, because he then proceeded to break a myriad of customary protocols, and because he essentially flipped off all Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth was “deeply upset” and beside herself with anger.

While some suggest that Prince Harry’s actions were all but a declaration of war upon the British Monarchy, other are a bit more lenient and suggest that Harry is simply young and in love. The only problem with that, is that Prince Harry’s selfishness went about everything in a way that compromised the Royal family and embarrassed them in the court of public opinion.

Moreover, Prince Harry has gone on ad nauseum in multiple interviews and documentaries about how traumatized he’s been since childhood over things like the click of a camera, the camera’s flash, and the presence of reporters and tabloid paparazzi. Prince Harry’s ostensible reason for stepping back from The Firm and ditching his grandmother for America was so that he could “protect” his small family from the pressures and rigors of Royal life.

Yet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle together in America are arguably one of the most famous couples in the world, and they’re pursuing extremely high profile opportunities. For example, both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have signed with the New York based Harry Walker agency. Harry and Meghan will now be marketed worldwide as celebrity public speakers and will command $1 Million each per speaking engagement.

Most know that neither Prince Harry or Meghan Markle would be where they are today if it wasn’t for the fact that Harry was born into Queen Elizabeth’s family. In light of that fact, many believe exactly as Queen Elizabeth does … Prince Harry has simply gone much too far.

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