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Big Brother Season 22 Spoilers: Is Summer 2020 REALLY An All-Stars Cast

big brother 22 spoilers allstars castBig Brother season 22 spoilers and cast rumors have been teasing an all-stars summer 2020 for quite a while now.  However, if you follow CBS Big Brother and the cast leaks on social media and message boards, then you know that literally every single summer rumors get started that players are returning.

Then, on the big day, CBS drops a new Big Brother promo, and all of those all-stars cast rumors turn out to be nothing more than just rumors.  Every summer Big Brother fans are convinced that CBS is bringing back previous players, and then they don’t.  However, this time around, there’s a very real chance those BB22 cast leaks are legit.

Is Big Brother 22 An All-stars Cast This Season

Is Big Brother 22 going to be an All-stars season?  Technically, CBS has not even confirmed when or if the show will be on this summer.  But, the Big Brother cast rumor mill is in overdrive, more so than ever before, and summer 2020 looks like it could be the real deal.

Big Brother fans can think the COVID pandemic for finally getting the all-stars season they have been hoping for.  The world shut down in 2020, including Hollywood, Big Brother casting calls, production, etc.  On June 12, TV shows got the green light to go back to work, and TPTB at Big Brother began scrambling.  Rather than trying to complete casting newbies and going through the rigorous process, calling back old players seemed much easier and quicker.

Big Brother Cast Rumors In Overdrive

So, if ever CBS had a reason to have an all-stars cast, this is it.  Also, every summer “insiders” claim that players are returning, but there’s actually some juicy clues to back them up.

big brother cast janelle pierzina

For example, Janelle Pierzina was rumored to be going in to sequester this week, and she was spotted at an airport the same day insiders said she was going in to the sequester house.  Plus, Twitter sleuths dug up old camera crew gigs that were posted online by CBS looking for a camera guy in Janelle’s hometown.

Do you think this summer will finally be an all-stars cast?  Or are we all going down the Big Brother rumors rabbit hole?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and check back with TSV for more Big Brother Season 22 spoilers, news, and cast updates all Summer 2020.

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