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Counting On Fans Concerned About Jinger Duggar

Jinger Duggar is one of the Duggar Family cast members on TLC series Counting On. Like most of her family members, she enjoys posting on social media. In fact, she loves social media so much that she started a podcast with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. This has led the couple to be more active on social media than ever before.

However, followers of the show feel that Jinger made a grammar mistake in her Instagram caption. The young Duggar was homeschooled by her mom, Michelle Duggar. However, she’s not the first one to be slammed for her lack of education.

Counting On Spoilers: Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Homeschooling

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have strict ground rules. They homeschooled their children didn’t send their children to a parochial school. Instead, they wanted to incorporate more of their own faith to their children’s everyday curriculum. Public schools don’t have faith-based classes, and private schools are too expensive to send 19 all children.

Once their daughters became teenagers, Michelle had them help their younger siblings. This posed as a challenge since the Duggar daughters would teach their siblings with only a high school education. None of the Duggar women have gone to college. Jinger posted a photo that confused fans. In the caption, she wrote, “How are we feeling about Monday today, and the beginning of a new week?”

counting on spoilers duggar family

The comma after the word “today,” wasn’t necessary. Ant it’s redundant to use the phrase, “Monday today.” Additionally, she reinstated that it’s the “beginning of a new week.” Counting On fans took to Reddit to slam Jinger’s lack of education. This isn’t the first time that this has happened. Back in February, Josiah Duggar posted an Instagram caption that read, “I can’t believe it’s been two years ago today.”

Counting On News: Duggar Kids’ Education Raises Eyebrows

He was referring to the day he proposed to his wife, Lauren Duggar. However, “It’s been two years ago today” is not grammatically correct. Most fans were confused. That sentence sent them into a tizzy.

Most of them took to Josiah’s Instagram post slamming Josiah’s parents for never giving him a proper education. Others defended Michelle, stating it’s impossible to teach all of the kids, which greatly affected their education.

None of the Duggar children went to a four-year college. It’s also unclear what the rules are for the kids’ education. Jim Bob supplied them with jobs that didn’t require further education through a college or university. Some fans noticed that Jim Bob didn’t allow them to go to college. He probably didn’t want them to act out.

What are your thoughts on Jinger Duggar’s Instagram post? Sound off below in the comments section.

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