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When Will Unpolished Season 2 Return To TLC?

unpolished season 2Unpolished debuted on TLC in 2019 and in just 6 episodes we were all hooked on the Martone Family and their New York salon.  After just a few episodes Unpolished Season 1 ended abruptly, and we were all a little confused about why Season 1 was so short, and when Season 2 would arrive.

Unpolished spoilers hint that TLC is definitely planning on bringing back Lexi and Bria Martone and their Family, but it looks like they are basically waiting on the COVID-19 pandemic to wind down before cameras can roll again.

Salon Martone is located near several of New York’s Coronavirus hotspots, so when the Martone Family gets the green light to start letting customers in, they will have to follow several of New York’s new stipulations under COVID-19’s phases of reopening.

Lexi Martone Teases Unpolished Season 2

Unpolished fans have been hounding Lexi and Bria Martone on social media regarding Season 2.  Recently, Lexi Martone confirmed that she and her family will be back with new episodes once the pandemic is over.  In her Instagram comment section Lexi said the Salon Martone girls will be back “once the world stops ending and they can film again.”  Jennifer Martone also confirmed that cameras are rolling again, according to Newsday.

tlc unpolished tv show new episodes

Since the Unpolished finale, Lexi and Bria Martone suffered a devastating loss, their father Big Mike passed away.  Considering how close knit the Martone Family was on Unpolished, we’re sure that Mike Martone’s death will be addressed on the new season.

Unpolished Spoilers: When Will Season 2 Air On TLC

TLC has seemingly mastered using their reality TV stars’ cell phone footage for all new episodes during the pandemic, so despite the fact that Mike passed away when they couldn’t film, we could still see some footage from that time.

So far TLC has not officially confirmed Unpolished Season 2, but it looks like the Martone Family definitely will be back.  As soon as more details are available, we will be sure to pass them on.  In the mean time, check back here for more Unpolished spoilers and updates.

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