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Royal Family Conspiracy Theory: Meghan Markle’s A British Plot To Take Over America?

meghan markle prince harry conspiracy theory, royal family newsApparently, some have lost all touch with reality when it comes to speculation on Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and plans for their future in America. In fact, the wildly insane notion that Meghan Markle may one day run for the presidency of the United States, and win it, was floated by the British bookmaker (bookie) company, Coral.

Indeed, according to information reported by several British tabloids, Coral went public with the idea that Meghan Markle would be the Democratic Party’s nominee in the year 2032 and placed the odds of that happening at 50-1.

The firm put out a statement that might as well have come from a newspaper in the world of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” books. In its statement, Coral raved about Meghan’s potential as a political candidate and gushed that as Meghan headed into politics, “with Harry by her side, they could be a formidable pair.”

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Conspiracy Theory

Of course, this is all stuff and nonsense considering the fact that Meghan Markle is now a member of the British Royal family. Has Coral forgotten that the United States of America fought two bloody wars with England to free itself of the monarchy? Do the good gentlepeople at Coral actually believe anyone associated with the British Royal family has a royal chance in hell of leading America anywhere, in any official capacity?

Now, it may be that Meghan Markle herself fancies a political future. However, believing that Meghan Markle can attain anything other than a state level office is literally a pipe dream. Coral thinks Prince Harry’s an asset in American politics? The truth is the exact opposite! Some might see Prince Harry as glamorous and charismatic, but even if he’s left his position as a member of the senior royal family behind, he is still attached to the British throne.

Does no one recall non-stop nightly news in America over the course of 2019 warning of “foreign influence” in America’s democracy and elections? Does no one believe that a Meghan Markle candidacy with Prince Harry at her side would constitute the very image of foreign influence?

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Activism In The States

With that said, it does appear that Meghan’s decided to get her feet wet with political activism. Multiple accounts have indicated that Meghan and Prince Harry both are looking into ways to associate themselves with the Black Lives Matter organization. As insiders allege, this controversial move could either help or hinder Meghan’s public image depending on how the public views it.

As some African American voices have suggested, Meghan’s sudden interest in being black may have more to do with opportunism. In other words, Meghan may be using the current political climate as a springboard to get her name and face into the American press. Indeed, this strategy could be far more effective for Meghan than trying to set up meetings in Los Angeles. Film and television producers, directors, casting directors, and agents may be more inclined to see dollar signs attached to Meghan’s name the more visibility she enjoys.

On the flip side, British bookmakers like Coral get their own name in the press just a bit more by riding on the name of the Duchess of Sussex … even if there is actually zero chance in any known universe that their predictions concerning her will ever come to pass.

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