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The Royal Peacock: Queen Elizabeth Fashion Secret Finally Revealed

queen elizabeth prince philipKate Middleton and Meghan Markle know, like most, that it’s beyond bad taste to show up to a party wearing the same dress as someone else. That couldn’t be more true than in a Royal event, such as the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, where Kate Middleton ensured that she blended in to the background in order for her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to stand out.

For those who don’t know, in Great Britain it is royal protocol for all ladies to wear muted colors in comparison to Queen Elizabeth. Like a peacock, the Queen wears brightly colored garments so that even someone far off in the distance might be able to tell their children one day, “I saw her! I saw Queen Elizabeth. Bless my eyes!”

Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth Fashion

Of course, wearing brightly colored clothing and most likely, high heels is important for Queen Elizabeth who stands only 5 feet and 3 inches tall. In a large crowd, one might catch just a flash of a sleeve, the wave of a scarf in the breeze, or one of Queen Elizabeth’s famously large hats.

In any case, according to multiple reports, both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle learned that if they were ever to attend the same functions as Queen Elizabeth, they were to make sure to be conservative in their attire.

That’s all fine and dandy for Queen Elizabeth, of course. However, one has to wonder what happens if Kate and Meghan ever show up to the same party wearing the very same outfit! Would either Meghan or Kate feel slightly awkward? Would there be just a hint of social anxiety on the face of either Meghan or Kate?

Probably not, as both Kate and Meghan are well used to running in the social circles of the elite. Should Kate wear the same dress, the same pumps, or even wearing the same accessories as another woman, Meghan Markle or not, well … that must occur from time to time.

Royal Family Fashion Faux Pas

In fact, fans of the British royal family can bet that if something like that happened, say at some large party in London, Kate and Meghan both would be classy enough to simply head over and compliment whomever was wearing the same outfit they were. After all, if that other woman chose to wear the same thing as either Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle, it would simply show what amazing taste she had!

Alternatively, and without a change of clothes on hand, Meghan and Kate might decide that if it was just too much to bear (unlikely) they could simply wander to the other end of the party and keep as much distance as possible between themselves and their party going twin.

Another option, and one that Meghan Markle would probably go for, is taking selfies with her double. Meghan might then upload the photo to Instagram along with hashtags tagging the clothing designer. Who could blame Meghan for using the event as a way to gain another photo op?

royal family queen elizabeth, prince william, kate middleton fashion

Alas, while all of the above would undoubtedly work for Meghan and Kate, it would never work for Queen Elizabeth. If a woman showed up at a royal event wearing the exact same apparel as Her Majesty, well … some royal insiders might believe Queen Elizabeth would turn into the Queen of Hearts of Alice in Wonderland fame.

In fact, some might even imagine Queen Elizabeth screaming in rage, “Off With Her Head!” However, those who actually know the queen also know that Elizabeth would simply say something remarkably witty, shrug it off, and then continue enjoying the party.

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