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Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Slammed After Animal Drowning Post On Social Media

Sister Wives 2020 spoilers reveal that fans are not happy with Christine Brown. She caused controversy once again on social media. She shared a post about animals that fans thought promoted animal cruelty.

Sister Wives 2020 Spoilers: Christine Brown gets hate from animal lovers

Christine Brown took to Instagram to share several photos of animals that Noah should have left behind on the ark. She feels that they should’ve drowned. However, she got a response that she didn’t expect, per The Hollywood Gossip.

Sister Wives fans flocked to Christine’s post and slammed her. Most of them claimed that she was promoting animal cruelty. Christine deleted the Instagram post the moment that she got hate. However, this is the second time that fans found her comments insensitive.

Sister Wives 2020 Updates: Christine Brown deletes controversial Instagram post

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Christine Brown doesn’t think before she posts on social media. The animal-drowning post may have been a joke, but people were angry at the suggestions that some of the animals should drown.

The Sister Wives clearly missed the mark on this post. Many of the comments accused her of animal cruelty while others were shocked. Clearly, no one was laughing. Most fans told Christine that animals are God’s creatures and deserve to live.

Christine Brown’s Instagram post is ironic

Some Sister Wives fans suggested that Christine had a personal vendetta against certain animals, such as raccoons. Meanwhile, others found the post ironic. She lives near Coyote Pass, an area that got its name from the coyotes in the area.

Does Christine feel the same way about those animals? She never talked about her distaste for animals before.

Sister Wives star can’t escape the controversy

Christine Brown loves the online controversy. The Sister Wives mom caught such a stir that she had to shut off the comments in the post. She previously received backlash for her “disingenuous” post to promote racial harmony while marking her clothing business.

It’s only a matter of time whether Christine Brown learns her lesson or if she will continue to draw more controversy.

What are your thoughts? Did you see Christine Brown’s controversial Instagram post? Sound off below in the comments section

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