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Powerful Princess Eugenie Used To Hide At Parties

princess eugenie, royal family newsShe’s influential, beautiful and strong so it’s hard to believe that there was a time when Princess Eugenie was reluctant to speak to people and felt she had to hide at parties.

But since childhood Eugenie has grown tremendously and she will have a high-profile role at her sister Princess Beatrice’s wedding which was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Before her own 2018 wedding to Jack Brooksbank took place, Eugenie talked to Vogue about her childhood. At the time she said, “When we were younger, I always used to make her go into parties first.”

“I’d hide behind her and she’d make the first move, then I’d get louder and louder as she made me more confident. We bring each other back to earth all the time. We’re very lucky.”

Strong Princess Eugenie used to hide at parties

In the same interview, Beatrice was quick to bolster her sister saying, “Euge is amazing. She’s a very modern bride. It’s going to be a great day.”

Indeed, Eugenie’s wedding was a spectacular event with parties held across the world to celebrate the union.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank had a global celebration for their wedding

Her wedding could have been a hugely stressful event but Eugenie told the magazine that she was, “not stressed at all,” although she did feel a certain sense of pressure to pull off an amazing event occasion for her relatives, friends and fans.

She said the build-up was, “nerve wracking because you want it to be perfect but then you realize that you’re going to be with the person forever so nothing else really matters.”

Princess Eugenie has made great strides in becoming more confident

The couple’s wedding was broadcast live to the nation and it was estimated to be watched by about three million people—no pressure!

In addition to the television audience, nearly 1,000 guests were in attendance including Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, James Blunt, Naomi Campbell and Ellie Goulding.

Princess Eugenie was not stressed about her wedding but wanted it to be nice for everyone else

Eugenie added before her wedding took place, “I want it to be beautiful and fun and to bring out our personalities as much as possible. It’s about how we feel, but also how our family and friends feel.”

As for Princess Beatrice’s wedding, it was supposed to be in May but is now expected to occur once the UK lockdown rules have been significantly changed.

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