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Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Refuses To Be Shamed, Calls Out Kody’s Bad Behavior?

meri brown sister wives 2020 spoilers updatesSister Wives 2020 spoilers show Meri Brown is doing just fine on her own. In fact, it seems like she is doing better than she has in a long time. In a recent social media post, Meri posted a quote about shame not surviving. Some fans are wondering if she was calling out Kody Brown for his bad behavior.

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s Instagram: Shame Can’t Survive

The Sister Wives star has been posted a lot of quotes since she left Kody. While it is possible she just might like the quotes, fans are convinced that they all have a meaning. Her latest post to her Instagram Stories (per The Hollywood Gossip) is no exception. The quote is from Brene Brown, who is a professor, lecturer, podcaster, and author.

“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.”

Sister Wives 2020 Updates – Kody Brown’s Shameful Behavior

The polygamist husband has a habit of shaming Meri, even when they were still together. Of course, there was that whole catfishing scheme, but the roots seem to go much further back than that.

In fact, when the two went to marriage counseling, Kody ripped Meri to shreds with his unexpected declarations. He said that she deceived him into marrying her because the courtship was so brief. He claimed to not have any idea who he was getting involved with, and regretted their marriage.

While Kody has a history of shaming Meri in various ways, he is actually the one who should be ashamed of his own bad behavior.

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TLC Sister Wives Spoilers 2020: No Empathy For Forest Fire Evacuation

Sister Wives fans called out Kody after an episode aired that showed Meri having to evacuate her home due to a forest fire. She was emotional and her sister wives offered her some support. However, viewers made their feelings known on Twitter over Kody’s lack of empathy.

Even if the two were no longer together, that is the mother of his child. Plus, she is still a human being and a simple hand on the shoulder or an “I’m sorry this is happening” could have gone a long way. But nope, not Lord Kody.

Since leaving the toxic relationship, Meri has made great strides in her independence and self-esteem. What do you think of Meri’s Instagram Stories post? Do you believe she was referencing Kody Brown?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Meri Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives 2020 spoilers, news, and updates.

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