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Big Brother: Mike “Boogie” Malin Accused Of Mocking BLM, Making Light Of Racism

big brother cast mike boogie malinBig Brother alum Mike “Boogie” Malin is in hot water once again. The reality TV alum is accused of mocking the Black Lives Matter movement and making light of racism on Cameo. This is in addition to him recently being arrested for threatening Dr. Will Kirby and his family, which includes two young children. Keep reading to find out the details.

Black Lives Matter Movement and Mocking Racism

According to In Touch Weekly, Malin went to Cameo, a video platform in which fans pay money to hear from celebrities and reality TV stars. In one video, he covers his mouth and says,

“Go TikTok, put on your mask, be nice to black people. You know what I mean. Peace.”

In another video, Malin seems to be mocking the Black Lives Matter movement. He says,

“Nothing will get you through a global pandemic or systematic oppression, or whatever that’s called. Nothing will get you through that more than a Cameo with your man Mike Boogie.”

Twitter Reacts To Mike Malin’s Cameos

On Twitter, people have been reacting and they are no happy with the Big Brother alum. One accused him of diminishing and mocking racism. The Twitter user also said that Malin’s whole persona on BB was intimidating black people and culture. Another said that he is the classic example of someone who loves black culture, but who doesn’t really care one bit about black people.  Another person said Malin has made questionable comments about race before.

Big Brother Alum Arrested For Criminal Threats Against Dr. Will

As previously reported, Malin was recently arrested for making criminal threats toward his former co-star and Big Brother ally, Dr. Will Kirby. Not only did he send disturbing messages, but allegedly sent pictures of guns that were pointed at the screen. In the picture, photos of Kirby’s two young children were spotted. Then, he started threatening Kirby’s brother and mother-in-law.

BB Star Has Long Troubled History

These two incidents are not the only times Malin has found himself on the wrong path. In 2007, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a waitress. In 2001, he was sued for embezzlement. Then just last year, he was arrested and charged with stalking. He pleaded not guilty in that case and is expected back in court next month.

What do you think of the Cameo videos that Mike “Boogie” Malin posted? Are you concerned about how he seemed to mock racism and the Black Lives Movement? Are you surprised by his behavior or did you expect it from the Big Brother alum?

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